First off I would like to give Luis Castillo a round of applause for his game winning single ( where was this kind of play this season?). It's good to see - at least for what might be a brief moment that the Mets are back in sole possession of third place with last night win over the rival Marlins.You know I don't know If this is something us Mets fans acquire with age, but is it me or is the older we get the more unforgiving we become with our players? I remember as a kid growing up through the dark time - '77-'83 that even though my team was would perennially finish last in the standings I would still root hard for the team and it's players. It didn't matter if it were Jerry Koosman or Andy Hassler. if the Mets had obtained Tim Foli on a trade or the bought the contract of Ray Burris , I would still root for them to have a 4-4 day or pitch a complete game shutout. Today it seems like that if the team isn't producing we automatically demand that players be cut or shipped out ( don't worry I still feel that Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo must go). I guess we as fans have grown extremely agitated and impatient that it has been 26 years since we have won a championship. 10 years since we have been to a World Series and four years since we have made the playoffs. That combined with sports talk radio and the fact that for the last 15 or so years our cross town nemesis , the New York Yankees have been either winning it all - or at least making the playoffs. I guess for most of us Mets fans - sans the newer generations that don't have a real clue of our tumultuous history - have grown cynical. We feel that year after year that our hopes are raised by rah rah slogans, our front office spends money on one or two impact players ( in theory). But in the end it seems like our team ( as well as out front office) comes up short.Like I said I am too young to remember what the general consensus of Mets fans were back in the bad old days- I know that they did alienate the fan base with the trading of Seaver, Koosman and Kingman, Shea Stadium Was a ghost town and like Omar Minaya there was no love for M . Donald Grant. But it seems that those we wear those god awful teams of the late '70's and mid '80's as a badge of honor - Kinda like we've survived hell and we are still here. I just wonder if the next generation of Mets fans will have that same point of view about the past few years with  franchise in it's current state.                                                         " Does this constitute child abuse?" And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :Mets coach for the '93 team, Darrell Johnson would have been 82 today (1928) .One of the all time memorable Mets, catcher , Choo Choo Coleman is 73 (1937) .Reserve outfielder from the '66 team,Shaun Fitzmaurice is 68 (1942) .One of Omar's biggest mistakes this season, Gary Matthews Jr is 36 (1974).Our current loogy specialist,Pedro Feliciano is 34 (1976) .New York Mets signed free agent pitcher,Brian Buchanan on August 25, 2004.New York Mets traded closer,Billy Wagner to the Boston Red Sox for glorified dh,Chris Carter and minor leaguer,Eddie Lora on August 25, 2009, The Mets did the right thing by trading Billy to a team that was in contention- especially since last years team was out of contention. I just wish we had gotten better prospects for him.Mo Vaughn's favorite movie - Hot Dog : The Movie !!!