Well if you were listening to the Mike Francesa show at three o'clock yesterday afternoon you heard a war. You see clogging up the airways yesterday was a modern day " Battle of the Bulge between resident know it all Mike " The Sports Dope " Francessa and Chris " Pangea" Carlin. Francesa had Carlin on the show to clear up a report where Carlin had intoned that UCONN Mens Basketball coach Jim Calhoun   might retire.   A local Conneticut paper ripped Carlin is a article and Mike figured he would have Chris on to clear the air - or at least one might think that why he had him on the air. Francesa went on to rip Carlin a new third orifice about how he's a journalist and why would Carlin report something that was a non- story since Calhoun never admitted that he's retiring. Carlin getting quite irked explained that he had inside information   that said he "might " ( key word - might) retire but Carlin never said that he "was " retiring. The battle of the words became even more heated with Mike pretty much intimating that Chris was irresponsible for going with the story and that Carlin should name his sources  ( a journalism 101 no-no - shame on you Mikey !) and Carlin held his ground and refused to take abuse from Francesa. When Francesa saw that he wasn't going to win this battle of the porcine gods, he called Carlin a clown and abruptly hung up on Carlin - very classy Mike ! Oh and in a bit of disclosure Mike did admit that he has a relationship with Calhoun , so is it quite possible that Mike had a personal axe to grind with Carlin? - Or did Chris steal Mike's last Diet Coke before he left for SNY ?Now back to the Mets. Chris Carter continues to make a case for him self, hitting a two run home run is yesterdays loss to the Atlanta Braves. Jonathan Neise had a shaky first inning where he gave up three runs on two hits, walking two. The other fifth starter candidate, Fernando Neive also gave up three runs in three innings, while Bobby Parnell pitched one scoreless and minor leaguer Eric Niessen gave up a walk off homer that ended the game.It was reported by Tim Dierkes over at www.mlbtr.comthat Kelvim Escobar is considering retirement if is surgically repaired shoulder doesn't improve. He goes on to say that Escobar , who signed a $1.5MM contractwith the Mets in December World "  further weaken the already-thin New York bullpen and it certainly wouldn't look good on the Mets given the team's myriad of injuries last season." So the media's negative bent on the Mets continues .                                                                                                                                                                                                 " That was no earthquake that was Mike & Chris fighting !"  And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the late Dock Ellis (1945)   - the only known pitcher to ever pitch a no- hitter on L.S.D.   Unfortunately the no - hitter happened early in his career when he was Pittsburgh Pirate and by the time he came to the Mets in '79 he was a shell of his former dominant self.Pitcher from the '02 team, Steve Reed is 45 ( 1965). Steve will forever be known as the player the Mets traded Jason Bay for ! And don't forget there are just 25 Amos Otis days until the Mets open their 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field .