In my recollections, I have been to three Mets one hitters in my life. There was the one I went to when I was too young to remember ( I always thought it was Bruce Berenji , but I rechecked and he never had one with the Mets). There was the second to last game of the '07 season n which John Maine combined with two other relievers for a one hit shutout against the then lowly Florida Marlins ( in a sense postponing the pain of being eliminated from going to the post season). And now last nights Jon Niese gem. This game was as crisp as you could expect from a game that was so close to perfect. You had awesome fielding plays by Wright , Ike and Jose. There was clutch hitting by Frenchie and the Animal . There was even a triple play against us ( I was surprised by how slow Ruben Tejada was when he hit into that triple play)) . But it all came down to a 3-2 pitch to some never heard of centerfielder named Chris Denofria, who once again took away what was rightfully ours as Mets fans - A PERFECT GAME !!!.Yes Mr. Denofria you have now joined the ranks of such uninspiring players such as Jimmy Qualls in '69 and John Curtis in '74 that have ruined previous bids of Mets pitching perfection. But you know what ? Last night Jon Niese came into his own in front of myself and about 25,000 of the Mets faithful last night. The season is still early, but this could possibly be the turning point in the season. Follow me here, we are about to go on the road against two of the worst teams in the American League today in Cleveland and Baltimore. Even if we go 4-2 we can possibly be in first place before we face the Yankees on their turf next Friday night.This team of late has been electric - from come from behind wins, to lights out pitching by Johan, Big Pelf, Dickey and Niese, even the skeptical Mets fan has to admit that this season is far from the milquetoast one we expected. One random note. I know that yesterday was Jesus Feliciano's first major league game ever after 13 years in the minors , but so far he has proven why he is a AAAA player.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               " Our new number three !!"                                                                                                                                                                        And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the first power hitter in Mets history, Frank Thomas (1929) From '62 - '64 Thomas hit 52 homers and knocked in 173 r.b.i's in 342 games as a Met.Happy Birthday José Reyes !!!! (1983) May you go 5-5 , score five runs and steal 3 bases today you spark-plug of the Mets !!!Sadly on this date in '07 former bullpen coach from '84-87, Vern Hoscheit passed away.New York Mets traded the their extremely hated shortstop,Tony Fernandez to the Toronto Blue Jays for past his prime outfielder, Darrin Jackson on June 11, 1993. Fernandez at the time supplanted Richie Hebner as the player who obviously never wanted to be a Met . Us Mets fans sensed this and whenever he botched a play or struck out , we let him know the feeling was mutual .New York Mets released middle reliever, Paul Gibson on June 11, 1993.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher, Danny Graves on June 11, 2005.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit - He relates more to "Howling Mad" Murdoch than B.A Baracus.