Today is a day revered as a day of worship for most Mets fans. On this date twenty-four years ago the Mets  won their second World Series ever.It is funny , when you look back roster of players that we had back in the '80's you would have thought that the Mets would have had the makings of a dynasty of Yankee like proportions. This team had swagger, they were brash, they weren't afraid to charge the mound after a brush back pitch and black eyes and contusions were the norm.1986 will always be a magical season for me. I remember winning a bet with my gym coach, Mr. Carney, that my Mets would sweep his beloved Cardinals in a four game series that April. Let me put it this way, he had to do my push ups for the entire week.Everyone knew the Mets were to be a team to be reckoned with, but no-one thought that they would be as dominant as they were. They pretty much led the National League East wire to wire, and by the end the had a almost twenty game lead on the second place Expos. But it  was the post season that was the where my heart had stopped more than a few times.I still maintain that it was possibly the best post season of the last thirty years with all the come from behind victories as well as some fantastic pitching performances.But I think the quote that best sums it uP came from the late Mets announcer, Bob Murphy when he uttered the famous quote :
"He struck him out, and the Mets have won the World Series! And they're jamming and crowding all over Jesse Orosco, the dream has come true."
I think all Mets fans - those of us who were living as well as all of them that were not even born yet wishes that we can just go back in time to relive what has to be one of the most fulfilling moments in our history !!!And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Birthday wishes go out to the following Mets alumni:The immortal Ralph Kiner is 88 (1922) .One of the many men to have manned third base for the Mets, Pumpsie Green is 77 (1933) .One of the worst outfielders in Mets history, Gil Flores is 58 (1952) .One time roving catching instructor and later on the Mets first base coach in '08, Tom Nieto is 50 (1960) .Our stud rookie pitcher, Jon Niese is 24 (1986).New York Mets released relief pitcher,Bob McClure on October 27, 1988.Mo Vaughn is waiting for Godot !!!