Yes last nights win showcased everything that is right with our Beloved New York Mets. Yes Mike Pelfrey- after a shaky start settled down and pitched one hell of a game. Yes Jose Reyes has showed why he is the best lead-off man in the game today.Yes it appears that Carlos Beltran might be finally getting his legs back under him and David Wright has broken out of his slump. Yes so far it appears that Bobby Parnell = with his triple digit fastball might be the heir apparent to Frankie Rodriguez's closer role .And although I am elated with last nights cathartic victory, I have a word of advice to G.M. Omar Minaya, DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT SIGNING JERRY MANUEL TO A CONTRACT EXTENTION !!Let us get back to reality here. We faced Jeff Karstens and the 40-81 Pittsburgh Pirates last night ! We were playing a  AAAA team at best. We should have steamrolled them last night ! Let's face it , if you had batted Chris Carter cleanup against almost any other team in this league the outcome would have been very different. And don't get me wrong , I like " the animal" - but let's face the facts , he's a fringe player at best. I know that Jerry Manuel as of late hasn't had much to work with froman  offensive standpoint. The bats have been as cold as cold can be, and until last night this team hadn't scored over five runs for the entire month of August. There is no doubt in my mind that Jerry is a good man, it is obvious that he is well liked by the players on this team and they try to play hard for him. But Jerry is in my opinion a very poor in game tactical manager. It seems like whenever he goes with his gut - it backfires on him, he loves to sacrifice early in the game, and alot of times the perception is that he plays for the tying run - and not the winning run when the Mets are down late in the game.This team needs focus and direction, not passive aggressive press conference that turns into a bad stand up routine at tickles night club. I am confident that the Mets will win their first road series this weekend, and this team should barely finish above .500. But Jerry should for now on be known as " Dead Manuel Walking" because he doesn't deserve to be back as manager next season.                                                                                           " I don't think Gandhi ever won a ball game Jerry !"And With That said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Today would have been the 71st birthday of Mets backup first baseman/outfielder from '72- '73,Jim Beauchamp (1939) .The glue of the Mets infield throughout the '70's. Felix " The Cat"Millan is 67 (1943).One of the main reason to come to Shea Stadium during the late "70's - early '80's, John Stearns is 59 (1951).The forgotten pitcher of the mid '80's Mets rotations - Bruce Berenyi is 56 (1954) .Bruce was the Rick Reed of his day. He was not a power pitcher, but he had good enough stuff to win games for a up and coming Mets team.And lastly, Mo Vaughn has started his own charitable foundation. He has named it "The Mo Vaughn No Sandwich Left Behind Foundation ".