The first inning of Johan Santana's start last night makes for a good metaphor of the state of the Mets right now - they both have dug themselves into a hole that they couldn't get out of ! Yes Johan only gave up four runs last night, but when your offense is batting under the Mendoza line with runners in scoring position, well we all know that it feels like trying to overcome a eight run deficit with two outs and no one on in the ninth - It's insurmountable.After today's afternoon game there will be less than thirty games left to the season, and the Mets are not mathematically eliminated - yet! Lets face it , the Mets have a better shot of signing Cliff Lee after the season ends than they do at even winning the wild card - let alone the playoffs ! No it is time to face the facts that are at hand, This team - albeit better than last years botched abortion is running on empty. They look tired, they look beaten. It looks like apathy has seeped into the Mets dugout and replaced whatever kind of optimism that was there in late May and all of June. and replaced it with a heaping pile of hopelessness. Most of the prognosticators predicted a .500 team , citing a strong core that was surrounded by below average to average complimentary players. And you know something - they were right. As much as the cabal of Majordomo Fred, Komendant Jeff, Colonel Klink ( oops I meant Omar !) and General Jerry denied it and trying to sell everyone on how strong a team they assembled , and how this was a "playoff caliber " team this was, well as we can now see , this team is in the last trough's of it's death knell.I believe that it is inevitable that in the hours after the last Mets game of the '10 season ends, Jerry will be gone. Omar - I am not so sure about. He might get a reprieve , it's possible he is reassigned - or he might get a hearty handshake and warm goodbyes while he is be thrown out the doors of Citi Field by the security staff.Lets face it, we can sum up the 48 year history of the Mets in one word - mediocre. Yes this team has had it's share of amazing moments and eleventh hour heroics. This franchise has also been to the very depths of hell. But for the most part the general perception of this franchise has been that the ownership is satisfied with mediocrity - to field a team that is good enough to give the fans a reason to spend their money on tickets, concessions, and merchandise, and if they team makes it to the post season - well that's just gravy .This franchise if 48 years old and they have only made it to the playoffs seven times in their history. There are franchises that are younger than the Mets that have already equaled the same amount of World Series championships that we have.I just hope that the epic fail that is the 2010 season serves itself as a catalyst to the Wilpons, A wake up call if you will, and realize that they have to take a cold hard look and realize that changes need to be made.                                                                                         " Truth Hurts !" And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to one time pitching prospect, Bill Latham (1960) .Latham pitched in four games for the '85 Mets and was later sen to the Twins in exchange for second baseman, Tim Teuful.Reserve outfielder from the '82 season , Rusty Tillman is 50(1960) .Johan Santana's personal catcher, Henry Blanco is 39 (1971) .Sadly on this date in '01 Mets pitcher from '65-'68, Dick Selma passed away.It's getting so bad at Citi Field that the Mets are offering Mo Vaughn all the food he can eat - just so they are not left with expiring food !