I think that it is safe to say that with the recent call ups of Jennry Mejia and Lucas Duda,the 2010 Mets season has entered it's final throes of death. Even though the organization will not openly admit it they are subliminally conceding that they are playing out the string. Jerry Manuel is alot more somber these days, the once black hair in his goatee has been overrun by a horde of grey, and he has the demeanor of a man who is defeated. Jerry knows that the end is near and there is a better shot of world peace than there is of him being retained as manager for next season. Personally, when I look at the current Mets line up , it looks as though (with the exception of Davis, Wright, Beltran and Pagan as well as whoever is pitching) that our opposition is playing our AAA affiliate. There will be no magical comebacks, there won't be late inning walk off wins that will catapult us in the standings. There won't be talk of who the Mets will match up against in the post season, or which Mets should win the league MVP award or the Cy Young. No we will just count down the games that are left on the schedule , exing them out in red ink that could well enough be our blood. We are Mets fans we live and die by our team. If you could see inside our veins it runs with the colors blue and orange, with the smattering of black which is the cloud that mocks out existence .There is a old saying that familiarity breeds contempt, well I guess that's why us Mets fans hate September with a passion. It more times than not heralds the end of another lackluster season of either general mediocrity and utter failure. This season has turned out to be no different. After a quiet off season , most of us Mets fans had set the bar of expectations rather low. Yes we had about a month and a half of heart stopping, ridiculously good baseball from our team which included two nine game winning streaks. But alas the bubble burst. The team that everyone thought had proved the fans and the prognosticators wrong slid back into the dark depths of obscurity leaving with it a even more disenfranchised fan base in it's wake. Oh yeas there will be firings, reassignment of positions and a all out purging of the front office ( fingers crossed). But what good will it be if the right changes aren't made. The Wilpons have to change the culture of this organization and when I say this I mean that they have to lay down the law in actions - not Fred speak that failure and mediocrity will not be tolerated. A message should also be sent to the players that if they don't want to be here let the owner or the General Manger know , and they will make sure you will be accommodated with either a trade or their unconditional release. But we are Mets fans, we know that will never happen. I guess that's the familiar sounds of contempt talking.                                         " Their days are numbered !"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating birthdays today are :Today would have been the second pitching coach in Mets history, Ernie White's 94th birthday (1916).One time Mets outfield prospect,John Christensen is 50 (1960) . He was one of the key players in the deal that netted us Bobby Ojeda from the Boston Red Sox.The recently departed Rod Barajas is 35 today (1975) .Reserve outfielder from the '03 team,Matt Watson is 32 (1978) .New York Mets signed free agent outfielder and Mets legend,Ron Swoboda on September 5, 1963.Mo Vaughn was spotted in a red sequined dress at Wrigley Field doing a impromptu version of The Supremes hit " Some Day We'll Be Together" - just to hammer home the realization that the Mets season is over !