First off I am happy to report that  I didn't stay up for the entire game last night. Even though we beat the Marlins, I think I would have ended up pulling a Elvis and shooting my television ( not good).Well our prodigal son / dirty little secret, Oliver Perez , pitched last night in Port St Lucie last night. And by the looks of his line he pitched - well like mediocre Ollie (what else did you expect). In six innings , our Sultan of Suckitude surrendered four runs on five hits while walking one and fanning seven. He threw 86 pitches in which 59 were strikes. I know there are some people that might be encouraged by his low walk total and for the fact he garnered alot of strike outs, but it's against class A hitters. And honestly let us suppose that Ollie continues to " progress" during his rehab assignment, and he gets called up after the mandated thirty days are up, do you really think that :A. The fans are going to welcome back Ollie with open arms and help sooth his bruised ego?B. Jerry Manuel will insert Oliver back into the starting rotation - bumping a so far deserving R.A Dickey or Takahashi , just because of the weight of his bloated contract?C.In anticipation of his return , our front office will only look to shore up our bullpen and not try to acquire a front line starting pitcher such as Oswalt, Lee, Lilly or Haren?I guess my main point is lets say when Ollie's rehab  assignment is finished and we are in the thick of the pennant race - with a great chance of securing a berth in the post season. Do you trust Ollie to pitch in important games? Are you like me and are afraid that he will crap the proverbial bed when our season is on the line? Honestly I would never put that past our front office ( Mets fans mindset from years of abuse), and I'll say this If that scenario was to happen and Oliver killed our post season dreams down the stretch, Well I think it would crush all the recent goodwill between the fan base and the front office. In effect it could possibly strain the relationship with the fans for years to come. Oh how I do hope that scenario never plays out !Oh and just in case you didn't hear, Carlos Beltran played all nine innings in centerfield in his rehab assignment. He went 2-4 with two singles and a r.b.i , and said afterwards that he is feeling better everyday.                                                                                                                                                                           " The Mets are hoping to hit gold with Ollie - But will the opposition hit him like a rotting pinata?"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Birthday wishes go out to spot starter/ middle reliever for the Mets from "62 - "64, Craig Anderson (1938)New York Mets traded infielder, Charlie Neal and catcher,Sammy Taylor to the Cincinnati Reds for catcher, Jesse Gonder on July 1, 1963.New York Mets released second baseman Al Weis on July 1, 1971. Although Al was never really what you would call proficient with the bat, he for his time was one of the best slick fielding infielders in the game during his prime.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder,Alex Escobar on July 1, 1995. Ahhh yes he was yet another highly touted " five tool outfielder" that the Mets had drafted that barely had any success in the majors.New York Mets traded future Hall Of Fame second baseman, Roberto Alomar to the Chicago White Sox for pitchers Edwin Almonte and Royce Ring and infield prospect, Andrew Salvo on July 1, 2003. Look  I couldn't stand Alomar during his duration with the Mets, but lets face it - he was one of the best shortstops in the history of the game, and he deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown.And I am sad to report that the death toll from Mo Vaughn's bout with Montezuma's revenge has risen to sixty .