Well I guess if we look on the bright side to this lousy and uneven season we would point out that the fact we didn't finish dead last . No that award for futility goes to the Washington Nationals , but to be seventeen and a half games out of first place and four games under five hundred stings none the less. Hell when you think about it the only weak national league team not to have a winning record against us is the Pittsburgh Pirates, but then again when you can't even beat up the Nationals, you know your team has serious flaws. Jonathan Niese looked like a pitcher in need of rest right now. He is tired. I am impressed that he found enough intestinal fortitude to get through five and two thirds innings, but let us face the facts , he should have been shut down about two starts ago. But since the latest Mets motto - Prevention and Recovery has rang hollow, The Mets are forced to trot him out every fifth day.It is great to see that Ike Davis has busted out of the slump he was mired in for the past month and a half ,while  possible outfielder of the future, Lucas Duda is trying to surge pass the Mendoza line, hopefully they will be stalwarts in this line up for the near and distant future, but right now they are just playing out the string of yet another disappointing season.We know change is on the way , whether it is the severing of ties with Jerry Manuel and the banishment of Omar Minaya ( I'm not so sure he will be removed from his position as General Manager) and with it will hopefully bring a change of attitudes, and bring a winning culture back to Flushing, But in the meantime we will most likely be satisfied with saying - " Hey ! At least we didn't come in last !"  " At least we didn't finish last !!And with that said ..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Birthday wishes go out to pitcher , Pete Harnisch (1966). Pete pitched for the Mets from '95-'97 nd had a record of 10-21 during his duration with the team. In his last season with the Mets, he got into a altercation with then manager Bobby Valentine, and was soon traded to the Milwaukee Brewers for reliever, Donnie Moore.New York Mets purchased the contract of pitcher, Bob Miller from the Detroit Tigers on September 23, 1973. This was his second tour with the Mets . He was a original Met in '62.Mo Vaughn is openly lobbying to Mets management for the base running coaches job next season !! And don't fret  !! - There are just 10 more games left until Jerry Manuel joins the ranks of ex Mets managers !