Hello My friends and acolytes ( you know who you are!). I just got back from a four day vacation - sabbatical if you will ,in Newport, Rhode Island. Don't get me wrong I checked M.L.B game-day for game updates , and following this site primarily ( among others ) for any breaking news that might ve ( but didn't ) come my way.It's funny on my two hundred plus odyssey up to the land of Jazz festivals and lighthouses,, I allowed myself to listen to the tandem of Kim Jones and Steve Phillips on WFAN, because I really wanted Steve's take on the lack of movement on the Mets part, and if the picture that he painted was accurate about the Fred Wilpon and the way he runs the Mets front office, then I guess Fred is a man who wants to win, but is clueless about going about implementing a plan to do so. Look I take what Steve " I'M A DOUCHE !" Phillips says with a grain of salt (trading Ike Davis to bring in Prince Fielder, minimizing his role in the signings of Kevin Appier and trading for Mo Vaughn to name a few) . But I have to believe The Douche when he says that Fred wants to win and is not only in it to make a profit. Honestly I do feel that between the Madoff scandal and the bottom falling out of the real estate market, Fred and Sterling Equities took a financial beating. I also think that Fred was committed to keep the payroll as close to Mets Status Quo of the past three or so seasons - but not a penny more. I can't speak for Fred nor do I know what is churning in vastness of his mind, but I think he knows how he is being perceived by the Media and the fan base alike. I feel that he he might want to release Oliver " The Sultan Of Suckitude" Perez and " Luis " Slappy" Castillo , but he just can't stomach the thought of eating the combined twenty or so million that is owed to both of them. I also feel that Fred , like most fathers , has a blind-spot when it comes to his son Jeff. I believe Jeff as a whole is a solid businessman, but when it comes to the Mets , he will only go so far to improve the team and at times hamstringing Omar on what decisions are allowed and what aren't. This is why I wish we had a G.M like Frank Cashen again. Cashen oversaw every aspect of the organization and he had the mythical "complete and total autonomy" that Omar allegedly has. Lets face it both Fred and Jeff come across as medicine show hucksters whenever they are put into a corner. They make promises that they either have no intention on keeping , they misread the market or they misread the fan-base ( see Molina, Bengie) Last week I was generously invited by the media relations arm of the Mets ( thanks again ) and I was utterly amazed when Fred walked in front of me and my fellow blogger brethren whom on the field with me. Fred was dressed to the nines , his hair perfectly coiffed and he looked at me and flashed a big smile ( Julia Alexandria wasn't around so I believe he smiled at me ). Fred took his time talking to the coaches, players, Jay Horowitz and even Mets icon , Ed Kranepool. My point his to anyone who doesn't think Fred cares about the Mets , well you are sorely mistaken. I think that this is Fred's baby - the problem is sometimes parents don't realize the failings of their children until damage is done. And if the Mets finish this road-trip poorly against the Phillies- well I guess Fred can always say that he is embarrassed and he promises that there will be meaningful games played in August next year.And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " Fred cares - he just doesn't know how to fix the problem  "    Happy Birthday wishes go out to the pitcher from '78 who has the best name in Mets history , Mardie Cornejo. He is 59 (1951) .John Olerud, possibly the second best first baseman in Mets history is 42 (1968) .New York Mets traded pitcher, Ken MacKenzie to the St. Louis Cardinals for pitcher, Ed Bauta on August 5, 1963.New York Mets released back-up second baseman, Tommy Herr  on August 5, 1991. I was happy when this went down because I despised Herr from his days with the St Louis Cardinals !And Mo Vaughn has officially switched his allegiances from the New York Mets to the Brooklyn Cyclones ! He says that their on the field product is way better ( and much cheaper ) that what you will find at Citi Field !