Before we start with today's infamy , I have a riddle with you.What Does David Wright's 1000 career hit, a dominant Hisanori Takahashi coupled along with Keith Hernandez apparent cluelessness about Cowbell Man ( along with Ron Darlings hidden annoyance with said Cowbell Man) have to do with yesterday's double header sweep of Joe Torre's Los Angeles Dodgers ?The answer - they were all pivotal moments in the Mets wresting first place from our arch enemy Philadelphia Phillies.Yesterday's game s were not pretty. Both Johan Santana and Oliver Perez were not their sharpest, but Johan gutted his way through six innings of shutout ball while Ollie was once again - mediocre Ollie. But the bullpen came through yet again and the offense finally woke up. I am never one to think that one player can change the fortunes of a team - but as Keith Hernandez said of Ike Davis last night - " The kid is the real deal!" But lets not sit on our laurels right now, there is a tough stretch ahead of us, going against the likes of the Phillies, Reds, and Giants, so this team needs to go into these series like a team on fire and dominate !But all I can say is if you told me two weeks ago while this team what about to have the dirt shoveled on the coffin would be in first place today - I would have asked you to pass the bong. But we are in first and I am sober - THIS MUST BE A OMEN !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        " We're gonna need a bigger float !"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to pitcher from the mid '60's team, Tom Sturdivant (1930)Utility infielder from '72-'73 Lute Barnes is 63.(1947) ( just wondering - what the hell is a Lute?!? )Spot starter/ middle reliever from the '07 season, Jorge Sosa is 33.(1977)And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day. He participated in the BOOBQUAKE protest the other day , and needless to say his cups runneth over !!On a side note, I will be at this afternoons game. I'll be sitting in section 305 row 1 of the Pepsi Porch, so if you are at the game come over and say hi - I'll even let you buy me a beer !