First off all I have to say is that is it any wonder why us Mets fans are angry at the apathetic way this team has been playing in the last week or so? I mean I would think that this team would sink their teeth in the role of spoiler against both the Braves and the Phillies - but no this team has rolled over like my basset hound, Flash does when he is outside in the summer heat !I know that what Chase Utley did last night was not really considered a "dirty" play even though he went balls out in trying to disrupt Ruben Tejada from turning the double play. Just like the way he doesn't try to bail out of the batters box when a pitch is coming inside at him. His philosophy is " Hey if the ump isn't going to call it I'll continue to do it !" That's his prerogative , as it was both Jerry Manuel and Pedro Feliciano's prerogative not to brush him back or nail him in his bad hip when he came up for his next at bat. I personally think that Jerry lost a great opportunity to rally the troops in these last 10 games to try to play like the team that they are capable of being - To at least finish the season above .500. But this team has shown that they couldn't care less, but you know something ? This isn't anything new, this team has lacked swagger since August of '07 when the bullpen started to meltdown signaling the epic collapse that still reverberates to this day ! This team is lacking the hard nosed take no prisoner leadership that we had in '06. When Floyd and LoDuca weren't resigned and Jose Valentin wasn't able to comeback from injury, the Mets lost their "enforcers" - the guys fiery guys that took no crap and dished back whatever was thrown at them ! This team just takes the abuse like a wimp being beaten on by a bully. And you have to wonder what kind of learning experience this is for our rookie. In these scenarios are they learning just to roll over and play dead ? Or will they get angry and start playing with passion and determination? I honestly hope it is the latter, but it is obvious that a new voices are needed in the clubhouse as well as the upper ranks of the front office and in the managerial and coaching positions.If not well then we will really slip back into the bad old days when no player wanted to be a Met - and no person wanted to be a Mets fan !    " You  have to get angry !!!And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Birthday wishes go out to spot starter/long reliever from the '66 team,Bill Hepler (1945) .Set up man from '02-'04 team,Dave Weathers is 41,(1969).Runner up in the honorary Ruben Gotay hit and field award contest, Argenis Reyes is 28 (1982).Mo Vaughn was arrested for vomiting on the Phillie Phanatic last night after eating 30 Philly cheese steak sandwiches.And don't be so depressed , after tonight's game there will be only eight more games with Jerry Manuel as the Mets Manager !!!