Just in case if you were wondering about the upcoming off season schedule, MLBTR.com has posted it on their site. Here are some of the more important dates for us Mets fans.
  • November 7th - Free agents can negotiate with any team
  • November 16th-17th - GM Meetings, Orlando, Florida
  • November 23rd - Deadline for teams to offer arbitration to their own free agents
  • November 30th - Deadline for players to accept or decline arbitration offers from their former teams
  • December 2nd - Deadline for teams to tender contracts to arbitration eligible players
  • December 6th-9th - Winter Meetings, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
  • January 18th - Teams and players exchange salary arbitration figures
  • Okay so as you see last night at 11:59 p.m ended the five day window that a team could exclusively negotiate with one of their  free agents, and as of 12 :a.m this morning free agents can officially start taking offers from other teams that are willing to pay for their services.The Mets have/had  six such players on their roster that have officially become free agents. Some of them might be retained, others should be allowed to leave here- never to be seen in a Mets uniform again.Henry Blanco, catcher(39) : I think Blanco should be retained as the back up catcher. I think that Thole still needs to be mentored and Blanco might be the best option on the market.Fernando Tatis, utility-man, (37) : Fernando was a feel good story back in '08, winning the Comeback Player of the Year award, but in the last two seasons he has proved that to be an aberration. His limp bat and adequate fielding mucked up the 25 man roster until his injury in mid June ended his season and hopefully his tenure with the Mets .Elmer Dessens, middle reliever(40): Elmer was one of the few  reliable arms in the Mets bullpen ( when he wasn't in Jerry's dog house) I think its a toss up if the Mets will tender him another contract, he may very well just retire.Kelvim Escobar, starter/reliever (34):  Escobar is tricky. I feel that the Metsshould only extend a invite to him for spring training just to see if he can still pitch. I am still ticked that Omar gave him a guaranteed contract for 1.25 million dollars without seeing him pitch.Fernado Nieve, starter/reliever (28): I would only give him a invite to spring training. Yes Jerry overused him in the first month of last season, but I just feel that he will always be an inconsistent pitcher.Pedro Feliciano, middle reliever, (34): Pedro is a tough one. He has been one of the best pitchers to come out of our pen in recent years. But he is starting to become inconsistent. He is listed as a type B free agent which means if we offer him arbitration and he decline and signs elsewhere we shall receive a sandwich pick for him. I think with the restructuring of our front office and with it the implementation of a new drafting  philosophy we should take a chance on Feliciano declining arbitration with the hopes of getting another high end draft pick.And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Today would have been former Mets first baseman Dick Stuart's 78th Birthday (1932) . He played for the Mets during the '67 season.Back-up catcher from the '90 season, Orlando Mercado is 49 (1961) .Back up outfielder from '96-'97, Andy Tomberlin is 44 (1966) .Mets starting pitcher from the '99-'01 seasons, Glendon Rusch is 36 (1974) . Rusch's Mets career was similar to that of Mike Pelfrey's. Both were rather inconsistent with flashes of brilliance . But Rusch just couldn't ever get it together and take his game to the next level.Starting pitcher from '04- '05, Kris Benson is 36 (1974).I think all of us male Mets fans preferred his wife Anna better !Middle reliever from the '07 team, Willie Collazo is 31 (1979) .New York Mets signed free agent Rick Reed on November 7, 1995. This was a under the radar signing and possibly one of Steve Phillips best. Reed was a career minor leaguer who crossed the picket line during the strike of '94. He was one of the best Met pitchers for the next five seasons , but he would always be a pariah in the clubhouse for his " insolence" to the players union. Florida Marlins signed first baseman/ outfielder, Brian Daubach of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 7, 1996.I would like to wish my friend Sharon Chapman the best of luck with her running of the New York City Marathon today !!!Mo Vaughn's least favorite horror movie is "The Blob" !!!