I'll tell you, after watching " Forever" Fernando Neive blow the lead in last nights Mets/ Reds game I started reaching for the Tums- but I ended up grabbing a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold instead. You see this has been typical of the Mets the last couple of days, Mets starting pitcher pitched really well- opposition comes back to tie - bullpen blows it -okay that was only Monday nights game but the last three losses have been painful. But all I can say is that I have to thank all that is good and pure for Rod Barajas - the second coming of Dave Kingman ! Rod like Sky King never hit for a high average- nor would they ever win the award for on base % but talk about clutch hitting ! That was a bomb that he hit last night ! I haven't seen a Mets catcher his homers with such ease since Mike Piazza ! Rod is the current Mets homerun leader with seven, and I don't care what any of the talking heads on the television say - he is way better than Bengie Molina ! It was good to see John Maine channeling the John Maine that we came to love over the '07 season. His velocity was better than his previous start, and he pounded the strike zone ( six strike outs in six innings !), and it is great to see that we have just entered the second month of the season and David Wrights already has more than half the amount of homers (six) than he had in four months last year ! Lets face it - the Mets needed to win this game badly, because if they didn't it mights have been possible that they could have lost all the momentum that they fought so hard for during that eight game winning streak. Now it is time to go on another run !Remember that there is a early 12:35 game today on SNY !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " I'll take Rod over Bengie anyday !"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to Juan Acevedo (1970). He was a spot starter/ middle reliever from the '97 team.New York Mets signed free agent relief pitcher - Eric Gunderson on May 5, 1994.New York Mets released outfielder Ben Johnson on May 5, 2008. Remember Ben Johnson? We traded Heath Bell and Royce Ring to the San Diego Padres for him and scrub pitcher Jon AdkinsAnd the Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - Pillsbury has made him their " Honorary Spokesman" - He then went on to bake The Pop N Fresh Doughboy in the oven and served him with some sausage gravy !!