Oh Yesterday was indeed a glorious day !!! First I sensed fear in the voice of faux Mets fan turned Yankees fraud Craig Carton, when he was trying to convince himself that the Yankees would will themselves into the World Series ( too bad you didn't lock that up you third rate Howard Stern clone !).Next up was the self ordained " Sports Pope", Mike Francessa, was  caught with his size 52 waist pants down when he defied a caller to name one caller to name one Mets catcher who could hit in the clutch. The caller responded " Ummm Mike Piazza for one!" This did something that I haven't heard in a long time - a caller was allowed to make a fool out of the fat man as he was stopped dead in his tracks !! Also correct answers are Jerry Grote, John Stearns, Todd Hundly and Todd Pratt ( '99 NLCS against the Diamondbacks).Next I actually watched game six in it's entirety, which is something I generally don't do unless the Mets are involved, But I had to see the Yankees get eliminated in real time - and with the exception of the lousy call by the home-plate umpire which allowed A-Roid to score on that wild pitch it - it was almost a letter perfect game - kudos to journeyman pitcher Colby Lewis ! How appropriate was it for Alex Rodriguez to end the game striking out ? It just made the smile on my face grow even bigger. But the biggest source of joy that I had was watching the Michael Kay meacupla afterwards, I almost fell over in laughter.But now that the series has been played and the better of the two teams advanced to the final World Series , I have a few choice words of wisdom for all the arrogant Yankee fans out there - NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT !!!                                                                                                             "HEY HEY HEY ! GOODBYE !!!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating birthdays today are:One time Mets pitching prospect whose career was cut short by rotator cuff surgery, Randy Tate (1952)One of the better pitcher to ever wear a Mets jersey, Al Leiter is 45 (1965) . I still can't understand why Al is still booed til this day, it's not like Scott Kazmir is a top rated pitcher anymore , and Al always wore his heart on his sleeve when he was on the mound for the Mets !! You can't say that about Tom Glavine !Shortstop/ secondbaseman from '05-'06, Kaz Matsui is 35 (1975) . At least he was good for his annual first at bat of the season home-run in his two year stint with us.Mo Vaughn is disappointed that he wasn't named a finalist for the Mets general manager position !!!