Well there are only eleven days until pitchers and catchers report to Port St Lucie for spring training. I have to admit that I am looking forward to it, because it means that we should be out of this arctic chill within a month. But this is the first time in possibly six years that I am not overly excited about this team. Don't get me wrong I will be at some games this year ( I couldn't commit to a Saturday Plus plan this year) , and I will root hard for my team. It just seems like this year above any of the last five seemed -aside from the Jason Bay signing - to be littered with reclamation projects and scrap heap pick ups. Before you call me a spoiled Mets fan, just remember I have been a fan for almost 40 years. I lived through the time when Shea Stadium was a monument to futility in the late '70's to early '80's. I lived through the George Bamberger and Art " Battling" Howe eras. I have seen both the good times and the bad. But I saw this off season as a bait & switch. We were promised by ownership an aggressive off season where top notch talent would be imported and the flotsam and Jetsam within the coaching staff, training staff, and players would be thrown out like yesterdays garbage. Well last that I checked the entire training staff is still here, two coaches who didn't really have much bearing on the teams problems last season were dismissed while Dan Warthen and Razor Shines were retained ( still scratching my head on that one) and we retained the services of Alex Cora, Elmer Dessens and Fernando Tatis.Yes we signed both Tatis and Dessens at discounts , but how can you rationalize giving Alex Cora - a back up a two million dollar contract , while the market dictates that a back up infielder should be paid less than that! Look I understand that this off seasons free agent class was less than desired, and I am sure that if deals were to be made they would have been consummated. But please don't sell the fans on a productive off-season - and then fail to deliver . I read Hall Of Fame writer Murray Chass' column this week, and aside from some speculation, I had to believe most off what he wrote to be true. And if Jeff Wilpon is the puppet master behind curtain, than this organization will be as doomed as when M. Donald Grant was running this franchise. Look we won't know until the middle of May what kind of team we will have here. Maybe they will resort back to their '06 form , or maybe we will see a slightly better product that was ion the field last season. I am hoping for '06.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         " Is Jeffy Boy the second coming of M. Donald Grant?And Now it's time for the INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to reserve outfielder from the '70's -Benny Ayala (1951) .Decent pitcher for the early '80's Mets , Charlie Puleo is 55 (1955) .Charlie's biggest contribution to the Mets was being one of the players sent to the Cincinnati Reds for Tom Seaver.The man who made the second most famous catch in Mets history - Endy Chavez is 32 (1978) . We miss you Endy !!New York Mets traded pitchers Hank Webb and Richard Sander to the Los Angeles Dodgers for shortstop prospect Rick Auerbach on February 7, 1977.Mickey Lolich announced his retirement on February 7, 1977. Funny thing is Loilich only retired from being a Met ( he hated being a Met !) - He signed the next year with the San Diego Padres, pitching two seasons for them.New York Mets released utility infielder Ross Jones on February 7, 1986. Ross was the other player along with future Mets pitching great Sid Fernandez that was traded to the Mets for utility infielder Bob Bailor and pitcher Carlos DiazNew York Mets claimed utility infielder ,David Lamb on waivers from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on February 7, 2000.And while you are watching the Super Bowl tonight , just remember there are just 57 days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.