Well today is the day that alot of Mets fans have been either looking foward to - or filled with dread thinking about. Yes today Steven Strasberg makes his first appearance against the Mets, and you know what? I hope That R.A Dickey and the Mets offense give to rookie pitching sensation, along with the floundering Washington Nationals the Roman Soldiers Helmet treatment ( use your imagination) . Don't get me wrong , I think this kid will end up having a long and prosperous career. I just want the Mets to be his Achilles heel for the next ten years or so , like we were with Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson ! I feel that this is a important game today , for the simple fact that the Mets - although they have winning record against the two best teams in the N.L. East , have struggled mightily against both the Marlins and the Nationals. This is a statement game because in my opinion if they take the rest of this series , they will be amped up to take on both the Cincinnati Reds and the division leading Atlanta Braves before the All Star Break starts. So enjoy the weekend, eat til you puke and don't stuff any lit roman candles down your shorts ( I learned the hard way !!) - and enjoy your weekend !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          " There's no presents for Strassmas !!!!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Celebrating birthdays are :Master of the junkball, Frank Tanana (1953). As we all know Frank pitched for the Mets during the '93 season . He naturally wen 7-15 with a e.r.a of 4.48 until the Yankees mercifully took him off our hands for reserve outfielder Kenny Greer.Clutch pinch hitter/ reserve outfielder from '83-'86,Danny Heep is 53 (1957).The aged Moises Alou is 44 (1966) . When he was healthy he was as clutch as any of the best players in the league - too bad he was often injured !New York Mets traded pitcher,John Hudek to the Cincinnati Reds for premier pinch hitter, Lenny Harris on July 3, 1998.Cincinnati Reds claimed reserve infielder/ outfielder, Andy Phillips of the New York Mets on waivers on July 3, 2008.And Mo Vaughn will be having a all you can eat barbacue out side of the Nationals park. Bring as much food as you can carry - because Mo is hungry !!