Well there is just under a week to go until rosters are set and the games are once again meaningful. And when it came to choosing who was most deserving of players/ managers or coaches in Mets history to ever wear the number five, well I was stumped. I guess the most obvious choice at this juncture in time would be the face of the franchise, David Wright. But there other men who have wore this jersey that might be considered more deserving. How's about former manager Davey Johnson? He brought this team out of the dark times that were the late '70's - early '80's . He injected a the aura of invincibility that was sorely missed after the death of Gil Hodges. What about John Olerud ? He was possibly the best first baseman behind Keith Hernandez to have ever played for the Mets. You have other names , some deserving ( Ed Charles, Sandy Alomar when he was a player) some not so deserving (Joe Foy). But the fact still remains that these men are the fabric of Mets history. Here is a list I got from www.mbtn.com and you tell me who you think is most deserving in today's countdown.player Start Date End Date PositionHobie Landrith Apr 9 1962 May 8 1962 CatcherJoe Pignatano Jul 13 1962 Sep 30 1962 CatcherNorm Sherry Apr 9 1963 Sep 29 1963 CatcherChris Cannizzaro Apr 11 1965 Oct 2 1965 CatcherShaun Fitzmaurice Aug 31 1966 Oct 1 1966 OutfieldSandy Sr. Alomar Apr 10 1967 May 22 1967 Second baseThird baseShortstopEd Charles May 23 1967 Oct 15 1969 First baseThird baseJoe Foy Apr 7 1970 Oct 1 1970 Third baseFrancisco Estrada Sep 14 1971 Sep 30 1971 CatcherJim Beauchamp May 11 1972 Oct 21 1973 First baseOutfieldJim Gosger Aug 3 1974 Oct 1 1974 OutfieldJerry Moses Apr 8 1975 Apr 28 1975 Did Not PlayMike Phillips May 3 1975 Jun 15 1977 Second baseThird baseShortstopSteve Henderson Jun 15 1977 Oct 5 1980 OutfieldMike Howard Sep 11 1981 Apr 24 1983 Second baseOutfieldDavey Johnson Apr 2 1984 May 29 1990 ManagerCharlie OBrien Apr 8 1991 Oct 6 1991 CatcherJeff McKnight Apr 25 1992 Oct 4 1992 First baseSecond baseThird baseShortstopOutfieldJeromy Burnitz Jul 20 1993 Aug 11 1994 OutfieldBrook Fordyce Apr 26 1995 May 15 1995 CatcherChris Jones May 15 1995 Sep 29 1996 First baseOutfieldJohn Olerud Apr 1 1997 Oct 19 1999 First baseMark Johnson May 14 2000 Jul 29 2000 First baseOutfieldTsuyoshi Shinjo Apr 3 2001 Oct 7 2001 OutfieldMark Johnson Apr 1 2002 Jun 4 2002 First baseOutfieldTsuyoshi Shinjo Mar 31 2003 Jun 28 2003 OutfieldDavid Wright Jul 21 2004 Third baseAnd with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     " Is David the most deserving #5?"  Happy Birthday   wishes go out to pitcher Bill Denehy.(1946) Bill pitched the '67 season for the Mets going 1-7 with a e.r.a of 4.70Reliever from the dark times that were the early "80's , Tom Hausman is 57 today. ( 1953)New York Mets traded fan favorite, outfielder Ron Swoboda  and infield prospect Rich Hacker  to the  Montreal Expos  for outfielder,  Don Hahn  on March 31, 1971.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher Ray Sadecki on March 31, 1977.New York Mets traded pitcher Juan Berenguer  to the Kansas City Royals for outfield prospect Marvell Wynne and pitching prospect  John Skinner,  on March 31, 1981.New York Mets traded   prospect  Alan Zinter  to the Detroit Tigers for future star   first baseman, Rico Brogna,on March 31, 1994.New York Mets traded outfielder Ryan Thompson  and pitcher Reid Cornelius  to the Cleveland Indians for reliever  Mark Clark  on March 31, 1996. Thompson never lived up to the hype when he came over in the David Cone deal, Reid Cornelius was nondescript, the same could be said about Mark Clark.New York Mets traded middle infielder Tim Bogar  to the Houston Astros for utility infielder, Luis Lopez on March 31, 1997.New York Mets claimed   reliever Yorkis Perez  on waivers from the   Atlanta Braves on March 31, 1997.New York Mets signed free agent catcher  Mike DiFelice  on March 31, 2005. Mike is currently managing in the Mets farm system.New York Mets signed free agent outfielder ( and Yankee scum)   Rickey Ledee on March 31, 2007.New York Mets released   Tony Armas on March 31, 2009. I wonder if he is still available to pitch?  And don't forget there are just  5 David Wright  days  until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.  ( hat tip goes out to http://www.mbtn.net/  )