Good morning to all my fellow Mets fans. I am happy to admit that due to my ambivalence , I didn't watch one inning of last nights game one of the " There is no lesser of two evils " World Series . And you know what when I woke up this morning and checked the box scores - a slight smile crept onto my face. Am I rooting for the Phucking Philths ? " HELL NO !!" I just want to see these Yankmee fans squirm uncomfortably in their A-ROID jerseys as I hope the Yanks blow out the Philths tonight just to dampen the enthusiasm of those cheese-steak eating inbred from just south of the N.J turnpike !! I want every game to be a blowout so that this World Series is labeled the worst World Series Ever !! Virtually no suspense, no pitching duels no dramatic home runs in the bottom of the 12th - Just pure unadulterated yawn inducing games !!! That's what I am looking forward to !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Speak no evil, see no evil ...  And now.... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday to a man who was better known for being a second rate Yankee outfielder as well as his proficiency for getting into bar brawls when he was a Met - That's right our starting Right Fielder for the 2003 team - Karim Garcia is 34 (1975).New York Mets traded Ken " BOZ" Boswell to the Houston Astros for Bob Gallagher on October 29, 1974. I wish Boswell would have attended the 40th anniversary of the '69 World Series at Citi Field this past August but from what I have heard , there is still a rift between him and this organization.Scrub starting pitcher from the 2002 team , Pedro Astacio was granted free agency on October 29, 2003.Right Fielder Shawn " The Hebrew Hammer" Green was granted free agency on October 29, 2007And remember - there are only 158 more days until first pitch on Opening Day at Citi Field against the Florida Marlins .Lastly - ROOT FOR NEITHER THE PHILTHIES NOR THE YANKMEES TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES !!!! You will have a clear conscious - trust me .