Yesterday must have been the most surreal and tiring day in Ike Davis' short life thus far. From originally being penciled in to play a game in Scranton Pa, to being called up to make his major league debut in a stretch of a few hours, not to mention being thrusted into the blinding hot spotlight of both the New York sports media not to mention the lions den that is a restless Mets fanbase, well the kids should have been ready to explode like in the movie scanners. But Ike Davis from what I saw - and I know that it has been only one game , but this kid has anti freeze in his veins ! He showed poise, impeccable concentration at the plate as well as on the field, and honestly he reminded me alot of John Olerud - the last man who inspired confidence at first base. Can you really say that about the throng of first basemen that have come and gone in the eleven years since Olerud has left? Zeille was passable, Vaughn was immobile, Delgado was there solely for his bat,Murphy showed promise, but the unholy trinity of Jacobs, Tatis and Catalanotto was painful to watch. Will Ike be the saviour for this years team ? Probably not, he might be the spark plug that can get this team going until Carlos Beltran gets back. I see Ike as more like Darryl when he first came up to a struggling Mets team in 1983 in the sense that this kid is something special and that there is alot of pressure heaped on this kids shoulders. But I feel once this gets itself straightened out Ike will be a cornerstone player for this team like Reyes and Wright. But for now lets watch this kid and hope that he can be what the scouts around the league say is a " sure thing!"By the way is was great to see strong performances last night from Jonathan Neise, Angel Pagan, " Forever" Fernando Neive, along with the hot bats of Jason Bay and Angel Pagan, defeating the Chicago Cubs by the score of 6-1.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 'We are all high on IKE !!!!"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday to the first Japanese pitcher to ever play for the Mets, Masato Yoshii .(1965) Yoshii spent two seasons with the Mets, going a combined 18-16 with a e.r.a of 4.17.Starting pitcher from the '03 season, Jason Roach is 34.(1976)Currently D.L'ed , but much maligned middle reliever, Sean Green is 31 (1979). Most Mets fans wish that he would just pull a Matt Wise and just stay on the   disabled list , never to pitch for the Mets again.And Mo Vaughn is celebrating 4.20 by doing gravity bongs,  eating his   weight in Taco Bell ( no small feat!)  and watching a stoner movie marathon that includes "Dazed and Confuzed", "Half Baked", a slew of Cheech and Chong movies and " Pretty Woman" ( face it you have to be stoned in order to like that movie ! )