Well here we are one week into the 2010 season and our Mets so far have a record of 2-4. The Mets could have easily been 4-2 with a great play by Willie Harris on Saturday, and some head scratching decisions by Jerry this past Wednesday, but I guess when you are in sole possession of the National League basement you look at the what ifs and what should have beens.And now we hear and read all the talking heads on the television, radio and print media trying to rile up the Mets faithful, pretty much beckoning us to sharpen our pitchforks and light our torches to descend on Citi Field and demand the carcass of Jerry Manuel for us to desecrate. But we have to ask the question - Has time started to tick away on Jerry Manuel's tenure as Mets manager? I feel the Mets ownership and the front office have Jerry on a short leash, but not so short that he would be fired one month into the season. Jerry thus far has at least in the eyes of the public has done a less than stellar job at managing this season. Fans and even sportscasters alike are wondering why players such as Gary Matthews Jr is getting more playing time over the better outfield option , Angel Pagan. If anything, Angel is a fielding outfielder than Matthews, and his biggest strength is that he's a pure hitter with speed. This brings us to the batting lineup. Why was Alex Cora utilized in the leadoff spot for the first couple of games? Hell I can run faster than him! Last season when Jose Reyes was on the d.l , Pagan proved to be a more than adequate replacement for the speedy Reyes. He hit many triples and a few homers - more than you would ever see from Cora, and I do feel that this might have cost the Mets at least one win during the Marlins series. Then there is Mike Jacobs. I love Mike Jacobs - I really do , but when you bat a career .250 hitter with a ob% that would embarrass Dave Kingman you know that your lineup is weak - or your manager is incompetent. I'll leave you with this . I believe that it will take everything to go wrong with the Mets before Manuel and most of his staff are fired mid season. If the Mets play a mediocre season and finish at or slightly above .500 he will be dismissed after the season has ended. Jerry it s time to get your ass "prepared" , because I believe  Willie Randolph will have a better shot of managing again before you ever will !                                                                                                                                                                                                                        " Jerry if you keep up this level of managing, not even Gandhi will be able to save your   job !"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the primary Mets catcher from 64-66, Johnny Stephenson .(1941) In a bit of trivia , it was John who made the last out in Jim Bunning's perfect game against the Mets at Shea Stadium in '64.Mets reliever for a blink of an eye, Ricardo Rincon is 40.(1970). Rincon pitched four innings with the Mets in late '08 , posting a e.r.a of 4.50 - but still us Mets fans preferred to see him over Scott Schoenweiss anyday.And the Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - Mo has just published a diet book. Its called " A Fridge Too Far !"Anyway Lets Go Mets !! Rock The Rockies !!!