But here you are in the ninth two men out and three men on - nowhere to look but insidewhere we all respond to pressure !" Pressure" By Billy JoelIf you had to single out one player this spring training that is carrying a heavy burden it would have to be Daniel Murphy. So far Daniel until yesterday has not looked exceptionally sharp at the plate batting a measly buck and change. So the question that you have to ask yourself is with the specter of Ike Davis looming in the background is the pressure getting to Daniel Murphy ? I honestly believe for the most part the answer is no. If there was anything you could ever say about Murphy is that he performs well under pressure. He has spent over a year and a half on the Mets major league roster- learning two positions on the fly(failing at one , doing a adequate job at the other) while still showing the ability to get a clutch hit and he is showing that he can hit for power. I know many people, Mike Francesa included, will point to his horrendous batting average and  ask why should he win the first base job over Chris Carter, Mike Jacobs or the aforementioned Ike Davis. and these people have to be reminded that it is only spring training - David Wright is only batting around .250 . Jeff Francouer is batting around the Mendoza line - you just have to throw those stats out the window and go by what you don't see in the box scores , such as how many screaming line drives that he hit were robbed of basehits . or maybe he was working on hitting the other way. These games mean nothing but getting into shape for the season - nothing more ... nothing less. Yes it is most likely that Daniel Murphy is just a caretaker at first base until Ike Davis is called up sometime this season - most definitely next season, so that brings us to what happens to Murph then? I think if and when that time games he will be made into a Joe McEwing super utility-man kind of player. He might spell Davis on some days, David on others and possibly the outfield on some odd occasion when he is needed, or he might be traded ( life is funny that way). But I don't think Murphy's career as Mike Francesa likes to opine will be over next year. Murph will do just fine in whatever role he is given. I know when he first came up and raked many of us saw him as a Wade Boggs or a Don Mattingly type, but i'll just be happy if he turns into Ed Kranpool.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       " NEVER QUIT.   NEVER SURRENDER !!"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!A special Happy Birthday shout out goes forth to one of the most beloved players in Mets history , former Mets First baseman/ outfielder and heartthrob - Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn's own Lee Mazzilli (1955)Happy Birthday wishes go out to possibly the most hated pitcher ( other than Mike Hampton) to have donned a Mets uniform Tom " I'm not devastated" Glavine. He is 44 (1966) . I know I should cut him some slack, he pitched decently in his four years with the Mets , winning some big games in '06 and '07 . But when it counted ( the last game of the '07 season against the Florida Marlins) he let us down.New York Mets signed free agent Orel Hershiser on March 25, 1999. I hated him as much as I hated Tom Glavine when he first signed with the Mets, but when I saw how he mentored that '99 pitching staff ,and helped lead the charge into the NLCS that year my respect for him grew.And lest we forget - There are only 11 Lenny Randle days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.