Do you know where you were on this date  twenty-four years ago ? If you are  Mets fans and were older than the age of two and were at full mental capacity, this day should hold much happiness for you ! Today marks the almost silver anniversary of  game six of the 1986 world series - a game that would be the defining moment of many a Mets fan that had come of age in the '80's.The game started out as bleak as it could on that cold autumn Saturday in . The Red Sox jumped out to  early  2–0 lead on the strength of  RBI  base hits from Dwight Evans and Marty Barrett. The Mets would come back and tie the score in the fifth inning on a single from Ray Knight  and a run-scoring double play by Danny Heep. The score would stay unchanged until  the top of the seventh when Marty Barrett would score on a fielding error by third baseman, Ray Knight which would give the  " Boys From Beantown" a 3–2 lead. The Mets would tie the game in the bottom of the eighth on a sacrifice fly by catcher, Gary Carter.The score remained tied through the ninth inning, forcing the game to go into extra innings.This is where the fire-works started !! A Dave Henderson homer along with a RBI single by Marty Barrett put the Red Sox ahead 5-3. The '86 Mets  - a team that was as dominant as any baseball team ever constructed were three outs away from having their season ended without being coronated as the World Series champions. And after Wally Backman and Keith Hernandez were retired to start the bottom of the tenth you could feel the tension in Shea Stadium as well as wherever you were watching the game. But then something miraculous happened. After the scoreboard briefly flashed the message "Congratulations, Boston Red Sox, 1986 World Champions." ( I hope whoever cued that up was fired on the spot !)Gary Carter, who was down to his final strike, promptly singled to keep the inning alive. Mets manager Davey Johnson had Kevin Mitchell pinch hit  for reliever, Rick Aguleria. Mitchell singled to center field to advance Carter to second. Up next was Ray  Knight, who sent a Calvin Shiraldi pitch into centerfeld for a RBI single. The game was now 5-4 and John McNamara decided to end things by bringing in his closer - Bob Stanley to pitch to Mookie Wilson.Mookie  battled Stanley, grinding out the at bat when on the  seventh pitch  Stanley's uncorked a wild pitch which allowed Mitchell to score from third base with the tying run. This is when one of the most magical moments of Mets history unfolded. With the count 3–2, Wilson kept fouling off Stanley's pitches. Shea Stadium was going crazy,literally rocking as well as shaking ! And on the tenth pitch of the at-bat, Wilson hit a slow ground ball up the first base line that should have been a inning ending ground out but in the words of the immortal Bob Murphy "Little roller up along first. Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it !" Buckner who was playing on two bad ankles. The ball slipped under his glove, and rolled slowly into right field. Knight grabbed his helmet as he jumped on home plate to win the game in an iconic image of one of the most famous comebacks in World Series history. And we all know what would transpire the next day ....And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy birthday Pedro Martinez (1971). Yes you may not have led the Mets back into the promise land of the World Series as we had hoped, but you did help reinvigorate a disenfranchised fan base as well as inject life back into a listless Mets team.New York Mets claimed utility infielder, Bill Spiers on waivers from the Milwaukee Brewers on October 25, 1994."Mr Warmth" himself , Kevin McReynolds, was  granted free agency on October 25, 1994.Mo Vaughn is working for the weekend !!!