As a Mets fan,I hate to be reactionary when one of my players is stinking up the joint. But in the case of Oliver Perez, I believe the writing on the wall - and the Handwriting states "THAT IF OLLIE WON'T ACCEPT A DEMOTION TO THE MINORS THEN HE SHOULD BE CUT !!!"I know it sounds harsh but yesterday Mets manager Jerry Manuel all but conceded that   "It's going to be tough to find spots" where Ollie can pitch. I think that it was safe to say that a majority of the fan-base was seething when Jerry had Ollie replace Fernando Neive in the midst of a close game - a game which Perez let get away from the team by surrendering three more runs in a inning. Lets face it , as long as Oliver is in the bullpen, we will be playing short because as long as the Mets have a chance of winning a game - Oliver will have no shot of pitching in it. Honestly if I were Omar Minaya, I would march into Jeff Wilpon's office and demand that I be allowed to designate Ollie for assignment. Maybe then Oliver will accept the demotion to Buffalo - if not - and he is released, at least we don't have to curse our televisions every-time he is announced into a game. I wonder what ever happened to the Oliver Perez that wore his heart on his sleeve? The player who admitted he was embarrassed by his performance last year, and came into spring training after a labor intensive off season in which he even went to a sports rehab facility? The Oliver Perez I see is content in his pseudo-benching, looking more board in the bullpen than being seething about losing his spot in the rotation- I guess there are thirty-six million reasons why Oliver feels  this way.  At this point I am comfortable with either Takahashi on Dickey filling his slot in the rotation. They have proven they belong up here ... Ollie - not so much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " Ollie's on the road to nowhere !!"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to Mets middle reliever from the '78- '79 campaigns, Dwight Bernard (1952)Journeyman outfielder, and one of the lone bright spots of the early to mid '90's teams - Joe Orsulak is 50 (1962).New York Mets traded second baseman,Tim Teufel to the San Diego Padres for outfielder, Garry Templeton on May 31, 1991. I wondered at the time why the Mets would trade Teuful- who was still a decent player for Templeton, who was washed up - ala Garry Matthews Jr. - I still haven't found an answer!And Mo Vaughn and I would like to wish all of our active service-men and Veterans who have served a Happy Memorial Day . Your sacrifices are appreciated !