" Could you ask the Mets If they could reserve a tee time for the Yanks ? Thanks. Let's Go Jets !!" - text from and anonymous Yankee fan.Okay before we all go ga ga here and start putting the proverbial cart in front of the proverbial horse ( funny I never seen that breed before), I will not proclaim the Yankees dead until the final out is recorded and the New York Yankees have been defeated by the Texas Rangers. You see every-time I open my mouth to proclaim the Yankees dead , they seem to do their best Lazarus impersonation and come back from the dead ( or was that Freddie Kruger - well whatever!). But to be honest when I woke up and saw the final to last nights game , I have to admit I was giddy. But that's a possible column for a day that will happen hopefully rather soon.But the issue at hand over here are our beloved Mets and how the roster will change over the next few months. With the prospect of our ace, Johan Santana being on the shelf for most of the season, the next general manager of the Mets will face a daunting task of filling his shoes if and when he returns. Let's face the facts, obtaining Cliff Lee is a long-shot. If the Yankees lose to the Rangers I think they will get so angry and envious that Steinbrenner Jr's will smash open their already taped up piggy bank and blow all other Lee suitors out of the water. I can also see Texas doing everything in the power to rtain Lee's services for the next three to five years.We as Mets fans do not know how much money they Mets can spend this off seaason, but I feel it is safe to say they will not commit five years and $150 million to a 32 year old pitcher with a history of back problems.So who can the Mets go for? Ted Lilly just re-signed with the Dodgers, Zack Grienke doesn't want to play for a big market team, Brandon Webb is coming back after not pitching for a entire season, so the question is who is the best low risk/ high reward pitcher on the market next season?You might not be happy with my answer but I believe that it is Javy Vasquez. I seriously believe that Vasquez is a quality pitcher in a bad ball park. Vasquez is a fly-ball pitcher whose confidence has been shattered after playing in the home-run friendly confines of Yankee Stadium. I feel that if he was to come back to the National League his numbers would return to their pre '2010 numbers when he was considered a candidate for the Cy Young Award. Citi Field is a pitchers park, and we saw how he was able to dominate the Mets there back in June not allowing a single run against the Mets ( the Yankee bullpen allowed the Mets lone run). Javy will probably command a one year contract for about six million dollars plus obtainable performance based incentives . Look this is a poor free agent market and I don't know if the next general manager of the Mets will have enough time to explore the trade market, so maybe taking a chance on Javy is a prudent move.                                                                                              And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating Birthdays today are :Mets bench coach during the '01 and '04 season, Bobby Floyd is 67 (1943) .The best first baseman to ever don a Mets uniform - The 'Stache himself , Keith Hernandez is 57 (1953) !! This man brought credibility back to the Mets when he was traded from the Cardinals for reliever Neil Allen and pitching prospect , Rick Ownby !Speaking of Rick Ownbey , today is also his 53rd Birthday (1957) !! ( we fleeced the Cards !)Middle reliever from the '94 team,Jonathan Hurst is 44(1966) .Sadly on this date two ex Mets passed away.Pitching coach from the '64 Mets team, Mel Harder in 2002 and former Mets infielder who would later become a coach for the Mets in 1990, Chuck Hiller in 2004 .New York Mets traded pitcher Al Jackson and utility man, Charley Smith to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ken Boyer on October 20, 1965.New York Mets sold reliever,Larry Bearnarth to the Milwaukee Brewers on October 20, 1970.New York Mets sold pitcher, (Doctor) Ron Taylor to the Montreal Expos on October 20, 1971.New York Mets middle reliever,released Ken Takahashi on October 20, 2009.Mo Vaughn is getting ready for some Texas sized BBQ !!!