All I know is that  after the chain of events that happened in Mets camp yesterday , I wish I was a fan of curling at this moment. I kid I kid !   But anyone who thought Johan Santana in his first appearance since mid August was going to be dominant and show no signs of rust  needs to have their heads examined.  Okay so the Mets lost to the  Houston Astros by the score of 8-4    , but lets look at the bright side. David Wright had another home run yesterday , which was encouraging, and first baseman of the future, Ike Davis is still making his case by going 1-3 with a solo homer ( he still needs to start the year in Buffalo). But of course there always has to be some controversy surrounding   regarding a interview that was published last night by ESPN Deportes in which Jose Reyes contradicts earlier reports that stated that he is suffering from a over active thyroid. He claims that the doctors told him not to worry and to lay off seafood that contains high amounts of iodine. Whatever the case may be it seems that whatever Jose is suffering from can be treated with medication, and I expect ( or is that holding out all hope ?) to see Jose in  a  Mets uniform when I see the Mets on Opening Day at Shea -Err I mean Citi Field.This leads me to my next question. I will be attending Citi Field on Opening Day   - will there be anyone else there also? If so   I would like to have a pregame meet up so that we can all put the faces to the names . So if you are expecting to attend either write me at rustyjr@nleastchatter.comor write in the comments section where you think a good location to congregate .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         " Don't worry about Johan , The force is with him !"  With that said   HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to original Mets reliever from '62- 63, Ken MacKenzie (1934). Ken was one of the better Mets pitchers from that era, posting a record of 8-5 with a e.r.a of 4.96.Middle reliever from the '79 team, Wayne " The Twitch" Twitchell is 62  (1948). He was one of the few bright spots on that '79 team - so bright that they sold him to the Seattle Mariners in August of that year because the team was strapped for cash.Mets   bullpen coach for much of the '90's, Greg Pavlick is 60 . (1950)Emergency starter from '92 - '95, Mike Birkbeck is 49 .(1961)Brooklyn's own John Cangelosi is 47 (1963) . He was a reserve outfielder for a horrible '94 Mets team. He didn't play all that well, but he became a fan favorite .New York Mets released Duaner Sanchez on March 10, 2009. Lets face it , Duaner was never the same after that car accident in '06 , in '07he came into spring training out of shape and proceeded to reinjure his shoulder. And by the time spring training '09 came along he was not the dominant reliever he once was. He later signed with the San Diego Padres , where he was released two months later.And don't forget , there are just 26   Dave Kingman days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.