Well Jerry Manuel can breathe a little easier after last nights thrashing of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Johan Santana once again showed that he is hardly washed up, going seven innings giving up one run on five hits, lowering his e.r.a to 2.79. Thankfully the Mets finally gave him the run support that he deserved. Ike Davis mashed his fourteenth round tripper of the season, while Jason fire found some of the mojo that he has been missing, going 2-4 with three r.b.i's and making a remarkable - yet dangerous catch, face-planting himself into the Dodger Stadium left field wall. Jerry Manuel was thrown out for arguing another horrible call by the umps in the first inning (jeez did these umps get certified by Kingsboro Community Kollege). Look I know us Mets fans have been very dissatisfied by the offense that the team has shown of late. They have come across as lethargic and uninterested , which can fester into the nose dive that we have seen since the end of the All Star break. But this team is hardly out of both the division and wild card chase. But Omar Minaya and the front office must and I repeat must get another front line pitcher for this staff so that Takahashi can work out of the bullpen where he thrives. I am not saying that the Mets should sacrifice top level prospects for mid level talent. But Omar has to do something, whether it means getting creative with a three team deal or going after the big dogs like Haren or Oswalt. If the trade deadline or the waiver deadline passes without the Mets obtaining much needed help, I believe that once again the fan base will feel betrayed and disillusioned with the franchise - especially if either the Phillies or the Yankees are willing to swing deals for Oswalt and Haren.Omar , Jeff , Fred - the ball is in your court - take your best shot ! Mets fans are begging you !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       " Johan gives last nights performance a thumbs up !"And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy birthday wishes go out to middle reliever from the '93 team, Jeff Kaiser (1960) .New York Mets traded catcher,Hawk Taylor to the California Angels for minor leaguer,Don Wallace on July 24, 1967.New York Mets signed free agent Melvin Mora on July 24, 1998. Unfortunately Steve " I'm a Douche" Phillips traded him to the Baltimore Orioles for shortstop Mike Bordick in '00 after Rey Ordonez was felled by a broken leg.Mo Vaughn was declared missing after he fell into the Labrea Tar Pits after the game last night. He was drunk , and though the asphalt filled pits was a lake of coffee. Rescure crews are still trying in vain to rescue him.