You know some times I just don't get it. On my way to work yesterday I put on the FAN expecting to hear about all the positive developments that occur ed during Mondays intrasquad game, but instead I heard that Howard Stern wannabe Craig Carton ripping Jerry Manuel for penciling Jose Reyes to start the season in the third hole in the batting order. The ting that really made my jaw drop was that Boomer was in total agreement and was just as pig headed when callers tried to defend the move. It is common knowledge that I am among those who would rather see Jose lead off because he has the ability to get him self in scoring position whether it be from a walk, single or extra base hit, but I do see Manuel's point of view that he needs to bolster the line up so that the bottom third of the batting order will not be such a glaring weakness. That be said when they had former Mets pitching great and current SNY analyst Ron Darling on, Darling too thought it wasn't the best use of Jose, but if that line up is utilized until Carlos Beltran comes back from his surgery , which from all reports should be the beginning of May at the earliest, then this shouldn't have much of a impact on the season. Look Jerry is the manager - I'm not . If he is going to live by this line up , and the team falters - then he's going to die by this line up and possibly be out of a job by mid-season.I wasn't able to see any of yesterday's game and unfortunately because of the Fat Man it wasn't aired on the radio, But from what I read , Ryota Irigashi looked impressive, notching the save as the Mets won their grape fruit season opener 4-2 against the mostly A- team of the Atlanta Braves. Ike Davis was impressive , getting two hits and scoring a run. But the big surprise possibly is in house loogy possibility Bobby Livingston who came in for an injured Elmer Dessens and pitched 2 2/3 scoreless innings. Check out Ed Ryan at Mets Fever on Livingston's bumpy professional career by going here  .                                                                                                                                                                                   " The usual voice of reason seen here with Craig " Yankee fans like myself " Carton"And now ....ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to Armando Benitez clone and relief pitcher Jorge Julio (1979) . Jorge was traded along with John Maine to the Mets from the Baltimore Orioles for Kris & ( Anna - don't forget Anna !) Benson. Jorge   stunk up the joint as Billy Wagner's set up man   and was   shipped off to the Diamondbacks for the ageless wonder that was Orlando " El Duque"   Hernandez.   Jorge is currently pitching  for the Milwaukee Brewers.And don't forget - There are only 33 ( Maine ) days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.