Well I woke up this morning and I decided to check out Adam Rubin's blog for The Daily News and I felt a little bit of bile creep up towards the back of my throat. Rubin is reporting that Jose Guillen would approve a trade to our beloved Metropolitans for fourth outfielder Angel Pagan. Guillen is quoted as saying " If trading me would help the Royals, New York would be one of the clubs that I would approve." Guillen goes on to say that he has started a rigorous training program and that he is focused on having a great season in '10. Rubin still believes this trade is a long-shot to happen. All I can say is "GULP!" I'd rather take my chances on Nick Evan in left field than Guillen. Guillen's talents have eroded quite considerably over the past few years , and his attitude is more Vince Coleman than Marlon Byrd - he is well known as a clubhouse cancer ! in my opinion Omar would be a fool to entertain the thought of this trade - and a imbecile if he executes it !                                                                                                                                                       the Enjoyment: Jose Guillen ...                                                                                                                                     " Is   he bound for Flushing?"?"And now its time for the INFAMY !!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to journeyman utility infielder Chico Walker (1958).Relief pitcher - Shingo Takatsu is 41(1968) . He came from our " Catch Our Rising Sun's " era when we imported Japanese talent - just not good Japanese talent !One time pitching phenom turned journeyman reliever - Octavio Dotel is 35 (1975). I remember him being lights out in his stint with the Mets in '99 but he did help net us Mike Hampton from the Astros . Dotel had a few good years with Houston - until he injured his arm. He has been used as a middle reliever for the bulk of his career , and the Mets might be interested in his services for next season.New York Mets traded starting pitcher - Paul Byrd to the Atlanta Braves for reliever - Greg McMichael on November 25, 1996. I kinda forgot that Byrd spent a couple of years with the Mets ( ahh the joys of alcohol and bad Mets teams -the alcohol makes it easy to forget them ) .New York Mets released pitcher Doug Henry on November 25, 1996.And remember kiddies - There are only 131 gut wrenching more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.