Look I know that I am far from being the most optimistic Mets fan on this site, but as all of you may know I live and die by my team and it's players. When Carlos Delgado was mired in that nasty slump through the majority of the '07 season I refused to boo him and I argued with many Mets fans in my Mezzanine section of Shea Stadium . Now I am listening to WFAN and I hear the overnight Yankee shill, and Mike Francesa wannabe, Mark " The Moose" Malousis (sic) stirring the pot with the small yet vocal lunatic fringe segment of Mets fans, saying that it is extremely likely that Jose Reyes used HGH and it probably caused his hyperthyroidism. Next up was the Sid Rosenberg meets Howard Stern clone Craig Carton from the Boomer and Carton Show ( I love Howard, could never stand Sid and I tolerate Craig). Craig, who is from all of my information is not a doctor, never went to medical school when he attended Syracuse University , should not really be trying to state his views that link Jose Reyes and HGH as factual. It is a proven fact that 2+2 = 4 , but in Craig's mind ( whether he is delusional or just trying to stoke the coals to get ratings ) just because Jose Reyes talked to the Feds about this Dr. Galea about this blood spinning treatment that he utilized, along with the fact that Jose has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism is not a smoking gun that will lead us to the end result that Jose used HGH ! The man is innocent until proven guilty and even then since there is not a reliable test for HGH the point is effectively moot. And I would like to say to the "Moose" and Mr " Mets Fan For Yankees" If we are casting stones  at people now . what about A-ROD? Did he see one of the same doctors that are affiliated with Dr. Galea? Wasn't he forced to admit he used steroids last season? Hmm he came back rather quickly from that hip surgery last season, maybe it was the HGH !!! ( SEE TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME !).And now before I suffer a massive heart attack lets review the positives from yesterday. The Mets in spring training action crushed the Florida Marlins 11-2 , scoring eight runs in the top of the ninth ( including two home runs in the same inning by possible bench candidate Chris Carter. Jenrey Mejia pitched three scoreless innings , keeping his e.r.a at 0.00 ( let him spend an entire season in the minors !). John Maine lasted 1 2/3 innings but from what I have read he looked impressive Ike Davis strokes a r.b.i double ( can't wait to see him in a Mets uniform next year !!) . Fringe bullpen candidate, R.A. Dickey proved that he was up to the challenge   ( hehehe) giving up one inherited base runner in two innings of work. And Frankie Rodriguez has overcame his bout with pink eye and will be throwing batting practice within days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         " As of now, the only thing Jose is guilty of is stealing bases !!!"And on that note... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy birthday to former Mets coach , and liaison to Pedro Martinez, Guy Conti (1942) . Guy started his career as a catcher in the Houston Astros organization, before becoming a pitching coach.Journeyman pitcher from the '01 season, C. J. Nitkowski , is 37 (1973) .And don't forget - there are just 27 Craig Swan days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.