FLUSHING, N.Y., August 17, 2010 - The New York Mets today announced that they have placed pitcher Francisco Rodriguez on the Disqualified List for conduct in violation of his Uniform Player's Contract. In addition, the Mets notified the player, his agent, and the MLB Players Association that it has exercised its right to convert Rodriguez's contract with the club to a non-guaranteed contract.The Mets' decision follows the season-ending injury to the thumb on Rodriguez's right pitching hand as a result of an altercation following last Wednesday night's game at Citi Field. Rodriguez will not be paid or accrue major-league service time while on the Disqualified List.Dr. Andrew Weiland of the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan this afternoon performed successful surgery to repair the torn ligament in Rodriguez's thumb this afternoon. This was the statement that the Mets released prior to last nights loss to the Houston Astros. I am among the many Mets fans that applaud the Mets decision to take this course of action in what has become yet another black eye for this franchise.We all know that last weeks skirmish was not a isolated incident. In his tenure with the Mets he has had three previous altercations. First was his screaming match with Tony Bernazard on a team bus in his first spring training with the Mets, followed by a near fistfight with then Yankee Brian Bruny before a subway series game, and he also had to be restrained while arguing with bullpen coach, Randy Neimann. Lets face it K-Rod might not be as volatile as Milton Bradley, but he is easy to put over the edge.But with that said, Did the Mets really make the right decision?I feel that Jeff and Fred Wilpon are in a damned if you do damned if you don't situation. If they didn't move to put Frankie on the disqualified list both the fans and media alike would be screaming that the Mets are a organization with their heads in the sand, afraid to speak out on matters that affect the team directly. On the other side of the coin you have to ask yourself if this will affect the Mets relationships with their own players, agents and potential free agents. Will a free agent or their representatives want to sign with the Mets when they see that the Mets are willing to quickly try to terminate a contract over what could be perceived as a minor altercation? Would a Scott Boras really want to steer one of his clients to a team that could try to void a contract in which he has a monetary stake ? I think the Mets have to tread lightly here. There are some whispers that the only reason why the Mets did this was to save themselves the remaining three million dollars that is owed to Frankie for the rest of the season , and they will only try to void his entire contract if he doesn't come back healthy next spring training. We all knew that the players union was going to challenge this suspension . Union head Michael Weiner was quoted as saying, " The Mets' actions are without basis and I expect the union will file a grievance promptly". We know the players association is the strongest union in pr sports. They were able to stop the Texas Rangers from voiding Sidney Ponson's contract after a string of off the field DUIS and assault charges, so why should the Mets be able to come out victorious with a weaker case than the Rangers who had in my opinion a airtight one?Well Jeff , Fred, Omar, it is good to see you guys are watching but why does it always seems that action is taken after a situation turns ugly?                                                                                                                " Damned if they do - Damned if they don't !" And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating Birthdays today:One time Atlanta Braves catcher who would later become a minor league manager for the Mets and later a coach from '97-99, Bruce Benedict (1955).Former Mets 1981,number one draft pick who never lived up to the hype , Terry Blocker is 51 (1951).Current Mets rag doll, pitcher Pat Misch, is 29 (1981).New York Mets purchased pitcher, Dave Ellers from the Milwaukee Braves on August 18th,1965.The New York Mets traded outfielder, Brett Butler to the Los Angeles Dodgers for outfield prospects, Scott Hunter and Dwight Maness on August 18th, 1995.And am I the only person that would pay good money to see Mo Vaughn wear a train engineers outfit and ride the orange train at Minute Maid Park?