Tomorrow the 2010 Mets season officially begins and we can hopefully erase the stain that was the '09 season from our collective consciousness. But everywhere I listen, watch or read I am getting alot of negativity.So I am asking every Mets fan out there to for at least one day take a step back and let your inner Met child come to the forefront. Do you remember how it felt to be a wide eyed Mets fan before you lost your innocence? Do you remember goining into the season with pie in the sky expectations from teams that had players named Kobel, Orsulak, Young and Hunt? Well we are Mets fans by fate and even when the chips are down we soldier on through good seasons and bad. So just take a step back, let that bright eyed, fresh face kid that looks through old, tired eyes out. Hope springs eternal but here are some words that will always give us Mets fans hope.Meet the MetsMeet the MetsStep right up and greet the MetsBring your kiddiesBring Your wifeguaranteed to have the day of your lifeBecause the Mets are really socking those ballsHitting those homeruns over those wallsEast Side - West side - every one's coming downTo meet the M-E-T-SOf New York Town !( If you want a good laugh - imagine if William Shatner was doing it as a soliloquy)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              " Today is Mookie's Day !"And now .... ON WITH THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the family of one of the greatest managers this team has ever known - Gil Hodges , He would have been 86 . (1924)Much maligned third baseman from '72 -'73, Jim Fregosi is 68. (1942) As we all know he was the major player that we received in the Nolan Ryan to the California Angels deal, that still haunts the Mets as well as Mets fans alike.Pitcher from the '64 team, Ron Locke is also 68. (1942)One time Cardinal second baseman, and briefly Met, Tom Herr is 54 (1956) Yes you read that correctly Herr was a backup second baseman/ outfielder for the Mets from '90 - '91!Journeyman first baseman Eric Valent is 33. (1977)Sadly on this date in 1994, former Mets manager ( and Staten Island native) George Bamberger passed away.New York Mets traded reserve catcher, Joe Nolan to the Atlanta Braves for middle infielder, Leo Foster on April 4, 1975.New York Mets signed free agent pitcher Wayne Twitchell on April 4, 1979.Twitchell pitched decently for the Mets that season, going 5-3 with a e.r.a of 5.23 in 33 games with the Mets. He was sold to the Seattle Mariners in August of the season.Atlanta Braves claimed first baseman, Phil Lombardi of the New York Mets on waivers on April 4, 1990.And don't forget- There is 1 Mookie Wilson day until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.Also don't forget if you are coming to the game tomorrow I along with other members of this site , allong with the Mets Police Will be having a Opening Day meet up at 10 a.m by the Home Run Apple that is right out side of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda - Hope to see you there.