First off I would like to wish all the readers and contributers over here at "The Real Dirty Mets Blog" a happy and healthy Independance Day, and let us not forget all the soldiers that have fought and died to protect our liberty.And now on the something that is trivial in scope.I admit I didn't catch the first eight innings of yesterday's loss against the Nationals, I was with friends of the Mrs. watching the movie " Grownups" - I highly reccomend it. But Here I am driving back from Matawan N.J, bottom of the ninth and we have a two run lead. From what Howie Rose was saying, R.A Dickey outlasted the phenom , Steven Strassburg and it seemed we were on our way to victory.Well enter our closer K-Rod, who proceeds to melt down in front of our very eyes ( or ears for those of us that were listening to the radio). I know the umpires botched the call of the two run double which tied the score ( yes the second runner passed the lead runner rounding third) but Frankie should almost never put us in that position in the first place! Look I understand that Frankie loves playing with fire, but all to often he's been getting burned - which in terms fuels the flames of contempt as well as acid reflux that us fans are feeling everytime he toes the rubber when we are involved in a close game ! Is it too much to ask for him to have a clean 1-2-3 inning ? Especially when the Braves had already won their game, which now pushes us to three games back ? I know there is plenty of time left in the season to surpass the Braves, but as we all know the days and months have a tendency of sneaking up on us very quickly. And before we know it Late September will be upon us and every game will count even more . I would hate to think that yesterdays game would be a game that could have made the difference between a berth in the post season and waiting for the 2011 season to start .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 " Keep it up and you will have to wear the helmet - permanently !!"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy birthday wishes go out to all glove/ no bat shortstop from '83- '84 season, José Oquendo (1963) .New York Mets sold pitcher,Butch Metzger to the Philadelphia Phillies on July 4, 1978.And don't forget to watch Mo at the Annual Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest today in Coney Island.