This afternoon as I was dropping off the last patient that attends a out patient program for the hospital I work for here in Staten Island , I heard one a sentence that I have never thought I would ever hear. No it wasn't Megan Fox begging me to sleep with her ( someday Megan ... someday !!).No it was something bigger than that , something that I waited for part of my childhood as well as most of my adult life. Rusty Staub is up for consideration to be elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame by the Old Timers Committee !!! I couldn't believe it !! Could this be true??!!?? Okay so the list is littered with such retreads like George Steinbrenner, Pat Gillick, Billy Martin and Marvin Miller . But these guys aren't RUSTY STAUB !!!! Rusty Staub the best goodwill ambassador the Mets have ever had !! Rusty Staub - the man synonymous with the '73 N.L  Championship Team as well as one of the best pinch hitters that have ever lived !! Rusty Staub- The man who made the best ribs in all of New York back in the '80's ( take that Blue Smoke !!!) . Rusty Staub one of the few players that didn't start his career with the Mets but who should be enshrined with the orange and blue if and when he gets inducted in Cooperstown this July !!If my namesake is elected, he would  become the only 12th Mets player to reach Cooperstown If he did he possibly would be only the second player to do it with a Mets cap ( Tom Terrific is the only player with that distinction) In his 23 year long career, Daniel "Rusty" Staub,  finished his career with a .279  batting average, with 292 homers for five different teams. In his two stints with the Mets, he hit .276 with 75 homers . Staub is very prolific with many charities especially his foundation that assists the widows and children of fallen police and firefighters.In order for Rusty to gain entry into the Hall of Fame, he must receive at least 75 percent of the vote from a committee that includes eight Hall of Fame players, four team executives and four members of the media. the committee will announce its results on Dec. 6 at MLB's Winter Meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. ( so let us keeps our fingers crossed - THAT MEANS YOU TOO SALTY GARY !!!)And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!! Today's Mets alumni celebrating birthdays are : The original homegrown Mets superstar, Ed Kranepool (1944) .Utility infielder from the '05 season,José Offerman is 42(1968) .Reserve outfielder from the '99 team, Shane Halter is 41 (1969) .Possibly the best hitting second baseman the Mets have ever had, Edgardo Alfonzo is 37 (1973) . I was so sad to see the Mets let him sign with the San Francisco Giants.The New York Mets traded infielder, Bob Johnson to the Cincinnati Reds for outfielder, Art Shamsky on November 8, 1967.Catcher, John Stearns granted free agency on November 8, 1984. All the years of abuse from protecting the dish did John in. He would in later years be the Mets third base coach.On a sad note, today marks the twentieth anniverseary of  beloved Mets outfielder,  Darryl Strawberry signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. A generation of young Mets fans cried that day. The California Angels   signed outfielder, David Lamb of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 8, 2000.New York Mets released middle reliever, José Parra on November 8, 2004.The St Louis Cardinals signed outfielder, Prentice Redman of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 8, 2005.Mo Vaughn always wished he was Rusty Staub !!!