I'll tell you I have been like Sybil from " The 3 Faces Of Eve " of late - and It's all the Mets FAULT!!! One day this team plays like gangbusters, shutting down the opposition, and the next day they look like the Bayonne Bleeder getting the stuffing knocked out of him by Muhammad Ali !I believe that Mike Pelfrey was rattled by the umpires microscopic strike zone , and wasn't able to make the proper adjustments until the next inning. But by that point his pitch count was wayy to high and it was only a matter of time before Jerry Manuel would bring in his shaky bullpen , which went on to blow the precious one run lead, and in essence putting the game out of reach.Am I upset about last nights game? Yes I am , but I won't go as far as saying that it might be the final nail in the Mets coffin, like some commenter's posted on last night's post game thread. I feel there is a slim chance the Mets can go on a run, and I think we all know that if a last ditch run is to be made , it will be with the team we already have.As of my writing this post, Mlbtr has reported that the Tampa Bay Rays have obtained reliever - and rumored Mets target, Chad Qualls from the Arizona Diamondbacks for the very popular player to be Named later.Lets face the facts that the Mets were never truly in the hunt for Roy Oswalt,Cliff Lee, Dan Haren etc. Their asking price was way to high we were led to believe ( even though it looked like the teams that traded them were fleeced). But lets face it the Mets are in a no win situation here. We kill them for not getting the big desirable piece that we feel will propel us into the post season, and we would kill them if they gave in and traded a Ike Davis, Josh Thole , a Jonathan Niese etc. We have to be realistic here , The Houston Astros were not going to accept Luis Castillo, Oliver Perez and Eddie Kunz for Oswalt - it just ain't gonna happen. If anything I hope that Omar doesn't make a knee jerk reaction like Jim Duquette did and have another rehash of the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano trade. That was a trade which tarnished this franchise in the eyes of a desperate fan-base, and many fans still haven't forgiven them for. Trust me I look around and I see almost every team making deals and the Mets are looking like the geeky nerd who went to the prom without a date.I also realize - barring the non deal that sent Mike Jacobs to the Toronto Blue Jays for a player to be names later, that it is highly likely that the Mets won't make a deadline trade for the second straight year. Is this because of Bernie Madoff ? A re Fred and Jeff hamstringing Omar Minaya on adding payroll (which Omar said before the season started that he had budgeted monies for the trade deadline). Or is it that they have already quietly given up on the season and don't want extra costs to cloud their bottom line? I don't know and I won't even venture a guess because I am frustrated but there is nothing that I can do about it. If the Mets are as rumors state that they are in a financial mess, well then they should be open and honest with the fan base. Stop raising our expectations while ownership hopes and prays that their sloppily constructed team can catch lightening in a bottle and play meaningful games in September- Hell at this junction we are hoping for meaningful games in August. Don't get me wrong, barring a complete free-fall, this team should end up slightly over .500 which is a hell of alot better than the 70-92 season we had last year. There is a strong nucleus here, it reminds me of the '84 team. But ownership and the General Manager - whether it is Omar or someone else, have to make some changes from the manager and the coaching staff down to the complimentary players and make this team into a winner. Make this team into a winner - that I believe is what Jeff said they were going to do last off season when they ill advisedly went on the Mike Francesa's Dance Party show, and put on a dog and pony show apologizing to fans about the way the '09 season had ended. Jeff the team might finish alot better than it did last year, But something is still rotten in Flushing !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     " I'm in stage one - Denial - How about you?"And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to starting pitcher from the '67 team, Billy Wynne (1943) He would be traded tot he Chicago White Sox that off season for legendary Mets outfielder,Tommy Agee and shortstop Al Weiss.Toronto Blue Jays claimed outfielder, Lee Mazzilli of the New York Mets on waivers on July 31, 1989.I was shocked when I heard that day. I couldn't believe they would just let Lee go like that.In yet wahat would become another infamously bad trade, The New York Mets traded pitchers,Rick Aguilera, Dave West, Kevin Tapani, Tim Drummond and Jack Savage to the Minnesota Twins for Frank Viola on July 31, 1989. All the players the Mets dealt- with the exception of Savage, went on to have long productive careers , while Frank Viola's first two years were great, he became tired of the Mets and signed on as a free agent with the Red Sox in '92.New York Mets traded pitchers,Bret Saberhagen and David Swanson to the Colorado Rockies for pitchers, Juan Acevedo and Arnold Gooch on July 31, 1995. All I can say is that I wonder what could have been if he didn't shoot that super soaker full of bleach at the press that fateful day in '92 . Bret, when healthy was lights out - to bad he was barely at full health during his tenure with the Mets.New York Mets traded minor league pitcher,Leo Estrella to the Toronto Blue Jays for backup outfielder / first baseman,Tony Phillips on July 31, 1998.New York Mets traded outfielder, Bernard Gilkey and a young pitcher named Nelson Figueroa to the Arizona Diamondbacks for reliever,Willie Blair and back up catcher,Jorge Fabregas on July 31, 1998.New York Mets traded 1/3 of generation K.O'd , pitcher Bill Pulsipher to the Milwaukee Brewers for utility-man, Mike Kinkade on July 31, 1998.New York Mets traded outfielder,Craig Paquette to the St. Louis Cardinals for shortstop,Shawon Dunston on July 31, 1999.New York Mets traded outfielders, Brian McRae, Rigo Beltran and Tom Johnson to the Colorado Rockies for outfielder,Darryl Hamilton and reliever, Chuck McElroy on July 31, 1999.New York Mets traded Generation K.O'd member, Jason Isringhausen along with reliever, Greg McMichael to the Oakland Athletics for Billy Taylor on July 31, 1999. Izzy would become one of the better closers of his era and Billy Taylor was gone soon after the '99 season ended.New York Mets traded Bobby Jones, a very young outfielder named Jason Bay and Josh Reynolds to the San Diego Padres for pitchers, Jason Middlebrook and Steve Reed on July 31, 2002. Insert your joke here.New York Mets traded outfielder Jay Payton, pitcher, Mark Corey and Robert Stratton to the Colorado Rockies for pitchers, John Thomson and Mark Little on July 31, 2002.New York Mets traded passed his prime pitcher,Scott Erickson to the Texas Rangers for Josh Hoffpauir on July 31, 2004.And the trade that has in my opinion crippled us -New York Mets traded Xavier Nady to the Pittsburgh Pirates for Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez on July 31, 2006. If we had never traded Ollie , we would never of signed him to the unjustifiable 36 million dollar contract we gave him last season , and we might have had some payroll flexibility this past off-season !!Oh and by the way - Mo Vaughn like the taste of Diamondback flesh !!