Do you know what I hate ?!? Fair weather celebrity Mets fans who like the morons they are give stupid quotes in such rags as The New York Post !! Today's keeper of the torch of idiots is that long time Mets fan and all around nebbish Matthew Broderick !! Here is his diarrhea of the mouth constipation of the brain moment of the day. On page 39 of today's New York Post he said " It's very hard being a Mets fan these days. I'm thinking about getting a divorce." Okay so he's frustrated after the two collapses in '07 & '08 and the abomination that was last season, we've all been there. But then he says the unconscionable !" Maybe I'll become a Cardinals fan. The Mets had so many injuries last year. I don't understand happen that much. And if they don't get hurt again - but they probably will - I still think its a good team . So I can't help it . I'm hopeful."Okay so you are contemplating being a Cardinals fan - A CARDINALS FAN !!! After those rivalries during the mid '80's and how that Adam Wainwright eliminated us from the playoffs in '06 I am appalled that he would even mention the Cardinals !! I guess it could be worse - he could have chosen the New York Yankees !! I hope he was Kidding because if he isn't - I swear I will never go see his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker in SEX IN THE CITY 2 , sending him and his wife into overt poverty !!!! ( okay okay I admit - I never had any intention seeing Sex In The City 2 .)                                                                                                                                                                   MATTHEW BRODERICK - Matthew ...                                                                                         " I demand that he turn in his Mets fan club membership !!"And with that rant - HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Birthday wishes go out to the back up catcher from the '67 team - John Sullivan (1941)Reserve outfielder from the '76 team , Jim Dwyer is 60 (1950) .Utility infielder from the '94 team , Luis Rivera is 46 (1964) .Pitcher from the '92 team , Mark Dewey is 45 (1965) .New York Mets released Bobby Bonilla on January 3, 2000. I still wonder what compelled them to bring him back in the first place - maybe it was so he could visit the money we still owe him !Houston Astros signed pitcher Jim Mann of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 3, 2001. Does anyone remember Jim Mann? I sure don't !Texas Rangers signed John Thomson of the New York Mets as a free agent on January 3, 2003. We traded Jay Payton and prospect Robert Stratton for Thompson during the '02 season. Thompson disliked playing for the Mets and bolted the first chance he got.And don't forget - there are just 92 more days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.