With the news yesterday of Washington Nationals rookie pitching phenom, Steven Strassburg might have to under go Tommy John surgery. I began thinking about all the recent reports of shutting our own pitching sensation, Jonathan Niese down, or at least limiting his innings.Dan Warthern wants Niese to take the rest of the season off, especially since Jonathan has never pitched this many innings before, and he is coming off a a serious injury that cut his season short last year. Jerry Manuel disagrees. He feels that Niese should finish the year and the increase of innings should not affect him physically . I feel that Jerry at this point in time is just so desperate to keep his job that he wants Niese - who it seems puts out quality outings after quality outings,to continue pitching,  just to save his own skin.If Niese were to develop arm or shoulder problems, he would join the long list of Mets pitching prospects that were overused until their arms failed them. Look at this listBill PulispherJason Isringhausen - yes he found success later on in his career but not with the Mets.Paul WilsonTim Leary - He was once supposed to be the Mets "saviour" back in '81 and was dubbed "Tim Terrific" by the media before blowing out his shoulder on opening day at Wrigley Field in the extreme cold by then manager Joe Torre.Look even though we are on the fringes of wild card contention, we have to face the facts that it is a Walter Mittyesque daydream on the part of Omar, Jerry and ownership. I say shut him down - or at least let him pitch the eighth inning, then bring up Jennry Mejia or Dillon Gee to take his place in the rotation. You can put Niese in the bullpen and use him when a set up man is needed. Then let him play winter ball to get strong again. There is no need to ruin a potential middle of the rotation starter like him !                                                                               " Be careful with Him !"And with that said...... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating birthdays today are :Back up shortstop from the '65 team, Billy Cowan is 72 (1938) .One of the worst Mets pitchers of the early '80's, Mike Torrez (is 64 1946) . Yes he was great when he pitched for the Red Sox, but he was extremely wild and ineffective by the time he became a Met.One of the best bench players this organization has ever seen, Joel Youngblood is 59 (1951) .New York Mets traded outfield prospects,Gerald Young and Manny Lee , along with minor league pitcher,Mitch Cook to the Houston Astros for third baseman,Ray Knight on August 28, 1984. This was a stroke of genious by then G.M, Frank Cashen, because Knight provided a sense of passion and guts that fit right in with the rest of the core of those mis '80's Mets teams.New York Mets traded pitcher,Alejandro Peña to the Atlanta Braves for pitcher,Tony Castillo and outfielder,Joe Roa on August 28, 1991.And Mo Vaughn says "Thank goodness there is only 4 1/2 weeks left until the Jerry Mnauel era comes to a close !!!"