Okay I think that it might just be the right time to start panicking. With last night's 3-2 loss to the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks, the Mets have fallen to 6 1/2 games behind the division leading Atlanta Braves. I don't know what it is, but the Mets look so lost at the plate. The Mets could have and should have had this game one in the first inning, when they had bases loaded and one out. Ike Davis looked impatient ( well I couldn't see it since SNY was late with paying their fee to broadcast out of town games) , swinging at the first pitch, and Jason Bay struck out swinging to end their best run scoring threat of the game. That is not to say the Mets were ever out of the game. The soon to be demoted for the Sultan Of Suckitude, Josh Thole hit his first career homer, and Angel Pagan also went deep for his seventh dinger of the season. But unfortunately that was not enough and it spoiled yet another good outing by R.A Dickey.All I can say is that Jerry Manuel better light a fire under this teams ass or Fred Wilpon won't get his wish of meaningful games in September ( you think he regrets making that statement?).On a more depressing note. Oliver Perez is back with the mother team. When interviewed by the media, he was asked about his 36 million dollar contract , to which he answered " Right now I am not thinking about the money. I'm thinking about helping the team." Ollie , Ollie , OLLIE !!!   If you were thinking about helping the team , you would just ... GO AWAY !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           " The beer is more potent than the Mets bats right now !"And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Celebrating birthdays today are:One time reserve player who later on became one of the most disliked Mets third base coaches in recent history ( by me at least),Mike Cubbage is 60 (1950) I still say that the " Curse of Mike Cubbage lives on !!!"Shortstop from '00, Mike Bordick is 45(1965). Mike was a serviceable shortstop in his time with the Baltimore Orioles, but Steve Phillips made a big mistake acquiring him after Rey Ordonez went down in late '00. Bordick hit little fielded decently, but totally bombed out in the playoffs. By the way we traded away Melvin Mora - who turned out to be one of the better infielder in the last 10 years !!Back up first baseman from '04,Brian Buchanan is 37 (1973).Pitcher from '01, Brett Hinchliffe is 36 (1974) . He started one game for the Mets that season , going 0-1 with a e.r.a of 36.00 !New York Mets traded catcher, Jesse Gonder to the Milwaukee Braves for outfielder, Gary Kolb on July 21, 1965.New York Mets traded third baseman,Wayne Garrett and outfielder,Del Unser to the Montreal Expos for the Immortal Pepe Mangual and outfielder, Jim Dwyer on July 21, 1976.New York Mets traded pitchers Jason Jacome and Allen McDill to the Kansas City Royals for pitchers, Derek Wallace, John Carter and Geno Morones on July 21, 1995.Mo Vaughn took a side trip to Cave Creek Arizona , where he came upon Crazy Ed's Satisfied Frogs resturaunt. He ordered a few dozen of their chilli beers and needless to say he hasn't been out of the bathroom yet !!