Well it seems like Sandy Alderson has started the healing process for us Mets fans yesterday. No I am not talking about the hiring of his former protege, J.P Riccardi as a senior advisor. I am talking about the severing of ties with former Mets third base coach and Jerry Manuel confidant, Anthony " Razor " Shines !Look I am not here to bash Shines as a person. He from what I have seen first hand and heard from various sources a very good man. He would always in between innings find a young child in the stands and made sure they would receive a game used ball. He was also very accessible with the fan base in general.But let's face it his lack of restraint as a third base coach during that mind numbing '09 season ( He made Willie " Wave 'em Home" Randolph's tenure with the Yankees look subdued in comparison). It was obvious that Mets players were either second guessed his judgements or just didn't have much respect for him after a bunch of blown scoring attempts in the first couple of months of that season. You would never confuse him with such third base coaching luminaries such as John Stearns, Sam Perlazzo or hell even Bobby Valentine. Instead he will always be spoken in the same breath as Mike Cubbage or Sandy Alomar . You know that the perception of Shines as a third base coach was bad when last season in order to protect him from us rabid and outspoken Mets fans, converted him to the first base coach - a job that is pretty much a glorified valet and motivator.Am I surprised that Shines is gone? No we knew that his demise was inevitable but let's remember that he is all but human , and we are all prone to making mistakes. But there is no mistaking that fifteen or even twenty years from now when anyone utters the name Razor Shines all you will see are grimaces and all we will here are collective groans.And with that said.... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Utility-man and original Met, Rick Herrscher is 74 today (1936) .One of the most detested players in Mets history -Armando Benitez is 38 today (1972) . Benitez was an enigma. It seemed like he would cruise through thfirst five months of the season, shutting the door on almost every game that he closed. But when it game to the final month and a half of the season or they were in the playoffs he always seemed to give up the lead in spectacular fashion.Florida Marlins signed back up outfielder, Ryan McGuire of the New York Mets as a free agent on November 3, 2000.Utility infielder, Abraham Nuñez was granted free agency on November 3, 2008.Middle reliever José Santiago granted was free agency on November 3, 2008.He pitched briefly for the Mets in '05, appearing in only 4 games.Mo Vaughn has thrown his weight behind Bob Melvin's candidacy for Mets manager !!