It is funny that Opening Day was four months ago. It seemed like it was a week ago that I in my '85 Rusty Staub throw back uniform attended the first game of the season ( Johan's win over Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins), believing that this could possibly be the year that we win it all again. Yes I go into every season with this warped mindset that every year could be the year that we break the now twenty-four season without a World Series trophy drought.One of the reasons why I felt so positive is that it seemed like the Mets were finally embracing their history. Gone was a big expanse of the team store outside of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, in it's place was the newly reformed Mets Hall Of Fame ! There You could see the busts of previous inductees such as Hernandez and Staub, Koosman and Seaver along with former managers Hodges and Stengel.Also enshrined in the hallows halls of Mets lore are the legendary broadcast trio of Kiner, Murphy and Nelson along with original owner Joan Payson and pariah M. Donald Grant. Yes there were artifacts such as world series rings, original bats and uniforms and constant video reminders of amazing Mets moments on television screens. The place is perfect ! Fast forward to August first - Hall of Fame day ! The Mets are still in the playoff hunt although whatever momentum they had was fading rapidly. Before Jonathan Niese would be shellacked by the Arizona Diamondbacks the Mets held a revival of sorts. They welcomed back four prodigal sons to be enshrined in the new incarnation of the Hall of Fame. They included the architect of the dominant '80's team, Frank Cashen , The firey manager who guided them to victory, Davey Johnson, along with two of the best talents ever to be produced by our farms system -pitching phenom Dwight Gooden and outfielder Darryl Strawberry. The day was perfect - yes the Mets were routed that day but to see these men back on the field was cathartic.Now here we are in the closing waning days of the '10 season I am looking forward towards next years crop of inductees. I feel that a list should be culled from five of the six decades of the Mets existence.Here is my short listFrom The '60's - Ron SwobodaFrom the '70's - Lee Mazzilli, Craig Swan , John Matlack and John StearnsFrom the '80's - David Cone, Sid Fernandez and Lenny DykstraFrom the '90's - Edgardo Alfonzo, John Olerud, Rey OrdonezFrom the last decade- Mike Piazza, John Franco, Al LeiterI know there are many that I missed so please write in who you feel should be enshrined in Mets history next year.                                     " Who should be in the class of '11?"And with that said ...HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Today marks sixty fourth birthday of possibly the worst play by play analyst in Mets history ! That's right it's Fran Healy (1946) !One time five tool prospect who flamed out before he reached the big leagues,Alex Escobar is 32 (1978) .New York Mets purchased middle reliever,Larry Foss from the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 6, 1962.New York Mets signed free agent infielder,Keith Miller on September 6, 1984.And lastly Mo Vaughn is currently enrolling himself in Opera classes - He has heard that there is a job for a singing fat lady at Citi Field