Last night was a very important game for both the Mets and Mike Pelfrey. You see this game was more than a confidence builder for Mike Pelfrey. It was a statement ! His performance spoke for itself by going seven innings allowing no runs on 3 hits, lowering his e.r.a to a gaudy 0.86. While watching the game I didn't see the tortured soul that was on the mound for most of last season. Mike didn't succumb to his yips, and he is looking more and more like the second starter that everybody thought he would become.The real Jose Reyes broke down the door last night going 4-5 with a triple, and it made me feel giddy seeing Jose flashing his smile and acting like the old Jose Reyes - annoying and intimidating the opposing team.Fernando Tatis helped pad the score with a two run bomb of his own in the 8th inning - but I feel that he is still just excess flotsam on the bench that needs to be jettisoned ( yes I am on a S.A.T roll this morning). Ike Davis, although he went 0-2 still impressed me with his plate discipline last night, but the way he patrols first base is what makes me even happier, he doesn't look like a player that was thrown there unprepared, Ike adjusts to whomever is at the plate and his head is always in the game.Last nights win was the first time we have won back to back games this year, and if Good Ollie makes a rare appearance tonight it would mark the first series that this team will have won this season ! ( fingers and toes crossed !)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          " Last nights win was one to grow on !"And with that said ..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to back up outfielder from the '73 team, the highly forgettable Greg Harts (1950)Pitcher from the '74 team, Randy Sterling is 59.(1951) Sterling was the Mets first round draft pick in '69 and pitched in 3 games for the Mets in September of '74 , going 1-1 with a e.r.a of 4.82. It was the only time he donned a uniform for the Mets.Legendary reliever from the '86 World Series champions,Jesse Orosco is 53.(1957) He might not have been a flame thrower like Jeff Reardon was, but Jesse used his guile and a healthy dose of off speed pitches to keep batters off guard, and it served him well, pitching well into his forties.Reserve infielder from the '90's,Chris Donnels is 44. (1966)One time Mets reserve infielder,Jeff Keppinger is 30 (1980) . He was the throw in in the trade that brought us Kris ( and the lovely Anna) Benson, and was later traded to the Kansas City Royals for Ruben Gotay ( I still yell WHY !!!) , He is currently the star second baseman for the Houston Astros.And while watching the game and seeing how big a man Carlos Zambrano is. It made me wonder, "who would win a eating contest at the Taqueria - Zambrano or Mo Vaughn? " I think we all know what the answer is to that stupid question !