Well it seems that the Mets free fall into obscurity has commenced, taking with it all signs of life and passion that were once attached to this ball club a scant few months ago.I had a conversation via twitter yesterday with Craig Calcatera, the " Blogger in Chief" at Hardball talk at NBC Sports.com for his opinions in regards to the inevitable front office and managerial changes that are to come after this season mercifully comes to a end in October.When I asked him if he thought that Texas Rangers G.M, Jon Daniels might be a candidate he responded" I think he likes his gig in Texas. He has a way better ownership situation there."When I asked him if he thought if he thought that the Mets might try to go outside of the organization to pursue a Kevin Towers or a J.P Riccardi, Craig replied" I'm pretty sure most established GMs would shy away from the job. The Wilpon meddling has become fairly apparent." And when I pressed him about the Peter Gammons prediction from Tuesday's Benigno & Roberts WFAN show, where stated that he thought Bobby Valentine would be the next manager of the Mets, Craig ventured his own opinion." As much as it pains me to agree with Jon Heyman, I think he's right that Bob Melvin is the Mets first choice to take over."First off Craig never claimed any of this as being fact. He is stating his own opinions, but Craig is well respected in the baseball blogosphere. But if what he is saying is true then all I have to say is OUCH ! These are not the answers I was hoping for , and I hope that Craig is wrong. But it does raise more questions than answers.Will possible GM candidates avoid the Mets like the plague?Are the Mets looking for a manager that they wont have to pay a lot for instead of a manager with a good track record that might be more expensive?Will Omar be back ?Will It be John Ricco or Wayne Krivsky ?Will there be a increase or a decrease in the Mets payroll?All I know is that there is a perception of this team has reverted back to the '02- '04 era before Omar Minaya took charge of the team with his "total autonomy" He has made some great moves - such as the Santana trade. But he has made his share of bad ones too - re-signing Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez to albatrosses of contracts that render them untradeable.I hope that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are monitoring the situation closely because if the once again miscalculate the landscape, I believe that this team will backslide to the late '70's teams , which were exercises in futility !     And with that said... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!                            " The fate of the Mets rest in their hands - so why do I not feel so confident?"Today would have been the 77th birthday to Mets legend , "Marvelous" Marv Throneberry (1933) . Marv was a poor defender with a decent bat, but his on field antics were legendary.New York Mets signed free agent back up shortstop,Tito Navarro on September 2, 1987.And as a FYI for all of the people out there that think that the Mets still have a chance to get into the postseason. Rusty Staub has agreed to do a duet Mo Vaughn - singing " THE END " by The Doors !!