Yesterday's game was a game that I am sure the Mets would like to forget . They lost yet another rubber game, which would have left them in sole possession of second place, but a two run shot from some outfielder that no one has ever heard of - Roger Bernadina  (his second of the day) off of Frankie Rodriguez was the final nail in the series coffin. Look if you want to take a positive spin about yesterdays game, the Mets came back twice from two run deficits to tie the game, Jose Reyes had a clutch r.b.i double, The bullpen was lights out - until Frankie's meltdown, and the Mets could have quite possibly have won the game if it were not for a spectacular diving catch by Nationals leftfielder Roger Bernadina that robbed Jeff Francouer of a possible bases clearing triple, and later   Nyjer Morgan would Rob Angel Pagan of a extra base hit.  It was a heartbreaking way to lose yesterday, but there are still four and a half months of baseball left to play. So hopefully the team can stay focused and at the very least concentrate on taking this next series against the Florida Marlins. It will be a battle of aces when Johan Santana faces Josh Johnson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " Nyjer Morgan  & Roger Bernadina -  Mets Killers !"And with that said .... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to one of the television voices of the Mets from the '80's, Steve Zabriskie .(1947) Who could forget that it was his voice that proclaimed the the Mets were the National League East champs in '86.Former infielder, who would become one of the most loved - and hated managers in Mets history,Bobby Valentine is 60 (1950). He may have been abrasive and hard to work for, but he managed to take Met teams that had minimal star power at best and had them play there way into the playoffs two consecutive seasons, and to the world series once.New York Mets released volatile outfielder, Rickey Henderson on May 13, 2000. And if you don't remember , it took a huge outcry by the fans and local media to put pressure on the Mets front office to release him.And today's Mo Vaughn tidbit of the day - he will not be taking any late night taxi rides into the little Dominican Republic outside of Miami at 12 a.m. - he will force them to come to him !!!And on a serious note- it was announced yesterday due to the G20 conference that will be held in Toronto next month will force the Phillies/ Blue Jays game to be played in Philadelphia as a Blue Jay home game! This in my opinion is an outrage, because I do not care what commissioner Bud Selig says - the Phillies will still have home field advantage, and in essence the Phillies will have an advantage of playing three extra games at home ! I urge you to voice your anger or displeasure at the commissioners office by calling them at 212-931-7800, and tell them to find a neutral spot for the game to be played !