I admit that as of yet I have yet to watch a single inning of post season baseball this year, and at the rate things are going it will more than likely remain that way. You see I have that queasy feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach that we will once again see a rematch of last years World Series participants. That's right folks if I was a betting man it looks as though this years fall classic will feature the two most evil franchises on the planet - The Phillies and the Yankees ! Last season I wrote that I would not root for either team because in this special instance there is no " lesser than two evil" team to get behind. In my opinion if you root for the Yankees you are a a band wagoner who doesn't deserve my time ( That means you Craig Carton !!!). And if you root for the Phillies - well then I guess you just have issues with your father !Yes so if these two teams square off against each other in the World Series yet again I shall not watch even for a minute - I will find some good quality , wholesome alternate programing to watch.That reminds me - what channel is the " Dukes Of Hazzard " on? And with that said ..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Celebrating birthdays today are :Spot starter, middle reliever from the '63 team, Grover Powell is 70 (1940).Reserve infielder from '08-'09,Ramon Martinez is 38 (1972).Top prospect that has yet to blossom, Fernando Martinez is 22 (1988) .Today marks the 49th anniversary of the 1961 expansion draft . Here are the players that the Mets drafted that day .Pitcher, Sherman Jones from the Cincinnati Reds .Reliever, Ray Daviault from the San Francisco GiantsBack up catcher, Choo Choo Coleman from the Philadelphia Phillies.Outfielder, Joe Christopher from the Pittsburgh PiratesReserve first baseman, Ed Bouchee from the Chicago Cubs .Outfielder, Gus Bell from the Cincinnati Reds .Pitcher, Craig Anderson from the St. Louis Cardinals .Infielder,Sammy Drake from the Chicago Cubs .Infielder, Felix Mantilla from the Milwaukee Braves .Infielder, Elio Chacon from the Cincinnati Reds .Starting pitcher Jay Hook from the Cincinnati Reds .Catcher, Chris Cannizzaro from the St. Louis Cardinals .Starting Pitcher,Roger Craig from the Los Angeles Dodgers .Outfielder, Jim Hickman from the St. Louis Cardinals .Pitcher, Al Jackson from the Pittsburgh Pirates .Catcher, Hobie Landrith from the San Francisco Giants on .Third baseman, Don Zimmer from the Chicago Cubs .Outfielder, John DeMerit from the Milwaukee Braves .Starting pitcher,Jack Fisher from the San Francisco Giants .New York Mets released middle reliever,Takashi Kashiwada on October 10, 1997.Mo Vaughn is so depressed that he can't eat !