This goes out to all the Mets fans that would rather have root canal without anesthesia than root for either of the two arrogant and obnoxious teams that have made it to the world series.Get off your knees !Get to your feet and unbow your head!Nobody will live life for you!Or you will better off be dead !To the last breath by ZnowhwiteWell as Alice Cooper succinctly crooned - " Welcome to my nightmare" My nightmare has almost come to fruition - well I guess it's already here because no matter which team wins - whether it's It's the Philly Cheese Steak eating, Rolling Rock swilling Cro Mags that are Philadelphia Phillies fans , Or the nonsensical ravings of the arrogant masses of Yankee Fans that believe that it is their manifest destiny to win the World Series every year. We will be taunted and teased bullied and badgered by both sides to root for their beloved teams and if and when we do , have it thrown into our collective faces, treated more like pariahs than we already are. Remember this : THEY WON'T RESPECT YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE ROOTING FOR THEIR TEAMS !!!! THEY WILL SEE YOU AS A SPINELESS JELLYFISH THAT WILL BEND TO THEIR WHIMS !!!! Thats why I say - Root for neither !!!! Go to a movie !! Read a book !!!! Hell even watch the '86 World Series if you have it on DVD!!! Just don't give in and never surrender yourself to the dark side !!  Gadsen "Don't Tread On Me ...Okay on with the INFAMY !!First off happy birthday to the reserve infielder/outfielder from the putrid George Bamberger era Mets team  -Gary Rajsich (1954)The African American Rusty Staub, pinch hitter supreme -Lenny Harris is 45 (1964) - Hey Omar he might be available !!Best known as a utility infielder for the Mets from the late '80's & early '90's - Tim Bogar is 43 (1966) . He is now a coach in the Boston Red Sox system.He was Armondo Benitez after we got rid of Armondo Benitez - Braden "Loopy"Looper .(1974) Looper was supposed to be a dominant closer when we signed him as a free agent from the Florida Marlins. He sported a fastball that could hit the high '90's and sometimes hit the low hundreds, but an leg & abdominal injuries straightened it out and made him rather hittable. Since he has left the Mets he has become a decent starter for the St. Louis Cardinals and I believe he is up for free agency this winter. ( note to Omar - DON'T EVEN CONSIDER RE-SIGNING HIM !!!)Rookie catching sensation Josh Thole turns a wide eyed 23 today (1986) . Isn't it funny these days when we promote a rookie these days they almost automatically become sensations only to get pissed at them when they don't preform to expectations - see Daniel MurphySadly on this date in 1993 , pitcher Cal Koonce passed away.New York Mets released Ed " The Glider" Charles on October 28, 1969. He was to retire that winter anyway.New York Mets released Bob " Aspro" Aspromonte on October 28, 1971.Ex Yankee scum and Mets Utilityman - Gerald Williams granted free agency on October 28, 2005.And remember - there are only 159 more games until the Mets face the Florida Marlins on Opening Day at Citi Field