Well I think that it is safe to say that I wasn't the only one who's blood was boiling last night when I saw Oliver Perez play fighting with Bullpen catcher Dave Raccinello last night ! Hell I am starting to think there is a vast canyon that separates both of Ollie's ears in that thick skull of his. I mean he has to know that he is the most reviles player on that Mets team right? He should know that this might be broadcast during the game. I know it must be boring just sitting on your ass for three hours while you are collecting twelve million dollars to do nothing - but lets call a spade a spade Ollie - You just don't care anymore do you ?!? So In honor of the ineptitude of Oliver Perez , I give to you .....THE TOP 10 SONGS THAT DESCRIBE OLIVER PEREZ !!!10: Trying To Get The Feeling Again - Barry Manilow09: The Damned - The Plasmatics08: Shadow Dancing - Andy Gibb07: Black Veils Of Melancholy -Status Quo06: Twilight Zone - Golden Earring05: The Big Money - Rush04: No Class - Motorhead03: Death On Two Legs - Queen02: Don't Go Away Mad ( Just Go Away ! ) - Motley CrueAnd the number one song that best describes Oliver Perez and the way we feel about him and his black heart ......Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd !*Obviously this list is subjective and your opinions may differ so please feel free to submit your list below .                                                         " You Can't hide from your suckitude Ollie !!!"And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birtday wishes go out to former back up catcher from '79-'81,and '90,Alex Treviño (1957) He currently does the Spanish broadcast for the Houston Astros' radio network.Middle reliever for the '04 team, Ricky Bottalico is 41 (1969).And the song that Mo Vaughn feels that best Fits Oliver Perez - Ugly by Fishbone