What is it lately with most of our starting pitching? It seems that from Johan's performance on Saturday to Takahashi last night, some of the Mets pitchers have given up a ton of runs in one inning. Even the steady R.A Dickey surrendered four runs against the Marlins on Monday night against the Marlins.Is it a lack of concentration? Are they tipping their pitches ? I honestly don't have the answer, but I do admit that this trend is getting me a bit nervous. I am the first one to admit that I am a reactionist, but I was reading my esteemed colleague Kingman26's report from last night that said the Mets are in serious discussions with the Mariners for Cliff Lee, and I feel that if all it would take to bring in him here was F-Mart, Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole - Well I along with Kong would drive them cross country to deliver them to the M's personally, while listening to a mix of Jazz and hard rock along the way - HELL I'LL EVEN LISTEN TO THE DREADED HIP HOP IF THAT'S ALL WE HAD TO GIVE UP FOR LEE !!!Lets face it when it comes to outfielders in our organization, F-mart is expendable. I love Josh Thole but good fielding catchers are almost always available - hey we might even try to extend Barajas and Blanco's contracts they are doing such fine jobs. And I would hate to see Bobby Parnell's 94 plus M.P.H fastball go, but lets face it - we are in serious need of a front of the line starting pitcher. If we were to get Lee I believe Takahashi slots back into the pen ( he is dominant when he opposing team sees him the first go round in the batting order) while Dicker - who has been the mostly consistent of the two stays as our number five starter. I feel it would instantly make the Mets the team to beat if Lee is obtained ( fingers crossed ) !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        "Do our recent pitching woes mean he is coming soon?"And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!! Celebrating Birthdays today are:Folk hero from the '60's , Ron Swoboda ( he will always be remembered for that catch !!) .He is 66 today (1944)One of the best short stops in history,Tony Fernandez is 48(1962) As soon as he became a Met he tanked, but when we traded him away he reverted back to his all start form - makes you wonder if he didn't enjoy his tenure with the Mets.Sadly on this date the Mets lost two members of their family. Catcher from the '73 team,Jerry May in 1996 and reserve catcher from '76, Jay Kleven just last year.New York Mets traded pitcher,Ed Lynch to the Chicago Cubs for reserve catcher,Dave Liddell and pitching prospect, Dave Lenderman on June 30, 1986. I remember being very upset because I loved Lynchie as a kid- he was one of the better bullpen arms we had at the time.And Mo Vaughn caught Montezuma Revenge during last nights game . The death toll is listed at 20 with reports of 60 others still missing!