Last night I documented what I considered to be the second best game in Mets history ( game five of the '86 NLCS).  That game with all it's twists and turns was in my opinion no match for the  jaw dropping , heart stopping white knuckler of a game that was played the next day in Houston. Yes I am talking about game six of the '86 NLCS against the Houston Astros !It is  one of the most famous - and infamous games in baseball history It was a sixteen inning affair in which our beloved Mets defeated Houston at the Astrodome 7–6  ! I remember being walking with my mother in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, I had my boom box with me because I needed to at least hear the game being called by Bob Murphy since I wasn't home to see it on television.I remember Bobby Ojeda was shaky in the first inning,  allowing three runs to the Astros. Bob Knepper kept the Mets in check eight innings until the Mets tied the game with by Mookie Wilson,Keith Hernandez and Ray Knight,At this point we had stopped in front of " Video On The Bay" - our local video store which had a bank of televisions in the front window broadcasting the game. I pleaded with my mother if we could please just stop and watch the rest of the game because at this point the Mets had just taken a 4-3 lead on Wally Backman's go ahead r.b.i. So here we were planted infront of this store watching this game with no audio broadcast - just the sound from my radio. And the funny thing is that with every inning that the game remained tied, more people stopped to watch  the game with us. We all oohed and ahhed at ever great defensive play that was made, we cursed when Billy Hatcher tied the game in the bottom of the 14th with that damned solo homerun !But our cursing turned to wild cheering in the top of the sixteenth when Darryl  Strawberry doubled to lead off the inning. It was followed by Ray  Knight's single which plated the Strawman to once again take the lead. After a Jeff Calhoun wild pitch  that scored Ray Knight, Lenny Dykstra then singled in Backman to increase the lead to   7–4 . All of us fans that were crowded around the store window were whooping it up  !! We could taste victory , we believed we would be going to the World Series for the first time since '73 !!! But Jesse Orosco gave us heart palpitations in the bottom half of the inning. We all groaned in disbelief when he gave back two of the three runs we just scored, and with the tying run on third base  and the winning run on first , with the spectre of facing Mike Scott the next day Jesse Orosco reached back and struck out Kevin Bass on a curveball for the final out  ! All of us watching those monitors on Sheepshead Bay Road went crazy !! We were high fiving each other , hugging laughing and whooping it us  while the Mets celebrated on the infield (and clubhouse) of the Astrodome. My mother who doesn't care for baseball - and the Mets in particular even had a big smile on her face. She saw her teenage son happy  - which in turn made her happy !It is a day that neither of us to this day could ever forget. And with that said ... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!Today would have been the 101st birthday of former Mets pitching coach from the '64 team, Mel Harder (1909) .Utilityman from the '66 team, Lou Klimchock is 71 (1939) .Sadly on this date in 2005, Pitcher from the '63 team, Don Rowe passed away.New York Mets purchased utility infielder, Amado Samuel from the Milwaukee Braves on October 15, 1963.New York Mets traded outfielder, Dick Smith to the Los Angeles Dodgers for pitcher, Larry Miller on October 15, 1964.New York Mets released catcher,Norm Sherry on October 15, 1964.Reliever, Bob Gibson granted free agency on October 15, 1987.Pitcher, Mickey Weston granted free agency on October 15, 1988. He was granted free agency again by the Mets on this date in '93.Outfielder,Lou Thornton was granted free agency on October 15, 1990.Pitcher,Jeff Kaiser was granted free agency on October 15, 1993.Middle reliever, Mauro Gozzo was granted free agency on October 15, 1994.Outfielder, Jeff McKnight was granted free agency on October 15, 1994.Pitcher, Eric Hillman granted free agency on October 15, 1994.Reliever, Jonathan Hurst was granted free agency on October 15, 1994.Pitcher, Doug Linton was granted free agency on October 15, 1994.New York Mets released pitcher, Rob MacDonald on October 15, 1996.Chicago Cubs claimed reserve infielder, Jason Hardtke of the New York Mets on waivers on October 15, 1997.One time dominant reliever ( but washed up when he came tot he Mets), Donne Wall granted free agency on October 15, 2001.Pitcher, Brett Hinchliffe granted free agency on October 15, 2001.Reserve outfielder,McKay Christensen was granted free agency on October 15, 2002.Pitcher, Kane Davis granted free agency on October 15, 2002.Reliever Mike " Brother of Tom FU$KING" Glavine was granted free agency on October 15, 2004.Middle Reliever, Orber Moreno granted free agency on October 15, 2005.Back up catcher, Kelly Stinnett was granted free agency on October 15, 2006.Utility-man, José Offerman granted free agency on October 15, 2006.And Mo Vaughn is a continent onto himself  !!!