Well here we stand at the cusp of oblivion. That's right tomorrow we will have stood many times before - on the outside looking in while the eight best teams slug it out for baseball supremacy . As a Mets fan this doesn't phase me anymore. I am used to it. Disappointed ? Nahhh - that emotion passed around early August Infuriated ? I have to admit I am some what. From the broken promises of last off-season to the few weeks that this team looked like a cohesive , dominant unit that could make a run at the postseason I wouldn't be human if I wasn't. Am I happy that Jerry Manuel will be gone and Omar might also follow suit ? Happy is too strong of a word. I would have to say relieved. Don't get me wrong I like and respect Omar and Jerry - and the past two and a half seasons aren't entirely their fault. Ownership , injuries and poor play by a unbalanced rosters play a part in the downfall of what looked to be another bright era in Mets baseball. But Omar and Jerry misread the patience of a fan base as a sign that we were content with the shoddy play and a roster full of holes. Now because of their errors in judgement they ( Jerry at least - Omar remains to be seen) have punched their tickets out of Flushing.Jerry will be spoken in the same breath as Howe and Harrelson, Torborg and Torre - great guys who just weren't the right fit for this team.Omar - whether it is fair or not will probably be lumped in with despised general managers of the past such as Grant and Phillips.But here we stand . One game left - the calm before the storm. The autumnal wind is blowing , and and the cries of change flows through it. And with that said..... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the forgotten man from the late '70's Mets starting rotation,Kevin Kobel (1953).Much maligned middle reliever from '07-'08, Scott Schoeneweis is 37 (1973) .Sadly on this date in 1991, the father of this franchise, Bill Shea passed away. We owe him a debt of gratitude or we all might be wearing the dark Yankee blue and white today ( the thought of that makes me ill).New York Mets traded middle reliever, Paul Siebert to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor leaguer,Bob Coluccio on October 2, 1978.Mo Vaughn has told me that he will apply for the Mets strength and conditioning coach position.And yes my fellow Mets fans it is true ... There is one game left with Jerry Manuel at the helm as Mets manager !!