Well my fellow Mets fans here we are heading down the home stretch of what has to be the longest off season known to man - or at least it feels that way ! But here were are with seven days to go until opening day and I wonder what this coming season may bring. Will it exceed all of our expectations or will we be mired in another lost season like last year. Will the core of Johan , David , Jose and Carlos bring us back into contention along with the much needed addition of Jason Bay? Or will this team crumble on the shoulders of Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey? Can Daniel Murphy prove that he will be solid as our full time first baseman? Or will Ike Davis be lurking in the wings, chomping at the proverbial bit to start his major league career ? Will this team be in the thick of a pennant race come the All Star Break? Or will Jerry and Omar be replaced with Bob and Wayne? Will Citi Field be alive with the cheering of rabid Mets fans going crazy after a momentum shifting walk off grand slam by Frenchy ? Or will it look like a open casket funeral come September with Figgy acting as a priest initiating last rites? Will this team stay healthy for a full season ? Or will Hawk-eye Pierce be named the teams new medial director ? Will this team feast? Or will it famine?There is just seven days to go before this riddle begins to be unraveled. - Enjoy the ride my fellow Mets fans !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             " Just 7 more days until we get dirty !!"And with that said ....... HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!Happy Birthday wishes go out to the one time top Mets draft pick who turned into one of the savviest G.M's to ever work in the game , Billy Beane . (1962) Damn wouldn't it be nice if he was our G.M.?!?Relief pitcher from '94-'95 , Eric Gunderson is 44. (1966)One time five tool prospect, Alex Ochoa is 38 today.(1972)At least we got him in exchange for Bobby Bonillia !New York Mets traded catcher J. C. Martin to the Chicago Cubs for catcher Randy Bobb on March 29, 1970.New York Mets traded utility-man, Leo Foster to the Boston Red Sox for minor league pitcher, Jim Burton on March 29, 1978.New York Mets released outfielder and fan favorite , Lenny Randle on March 29, 1979.New York Mets traded minor league pitchers Jody Johnston and Steve Walker to the Los Angeles Dodgers for outfielder, Mark Bradley on March 29, 1983.New York Mets traded pitcher Juan Acevedo to the St. Louis Cardinals for utility player, , Rigo Beltran on March 29, 1998.New York Mets released one of the better players from those dismal mid '90's teams, outfielder Joe Orsulak on March 29, 1998.New York Mets released the epitomy of bullpen suckitude, Rich Rodriguez on March 29, 2001.Mets fans everywhere were most thankful.New York Mets signed free agent back up catcher, Kelly Stinnett on March 29, 2005And don't forget ( just in case you have) There are just 7 Jose Reyes days until the Mets open the 2010 season against the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.